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Florida Democratic party under investigation for voter fraud

November 20, 2018

    We all watched with amazement as Florida totally botched the ballot counting a couple of weeks ago, but in addition to the incompetency we saw in Florida there were also some suspicious activities reported such as “finding” ballots that were not counted. But I think the most troubling story of all was the report that Florida officials altered ballots by changing the date until two days after the election hoping to get those votes counted when the recounts started.

  Now, according to this story, the Florida Democratic party is under investigation for election fraud because of this. Here is more:

Democrats conceded in the races for U.S. Senate and governor, but not before Florida asked federal authorities to investigate possible election fraud conducted by the party.

The U.S. Department of Justice declined, but the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Office of Statewide Prosecution say they have an opened a criminal investigation into the allegations.

Evidence reported to the Department of State suggests a possible effort by Democrats to have voters fix ballots after the state’s deadline in at least four counties.

Cure forms for mail ballots sent to voters by the party show the return date changed from the day before the election to two days afterwards.

Here is what Florida Republicans had to say:

Republicans point to the fact Democrats successfully sued to extend the deadline after the fact.

“It looks like they were just planning on a judge siding with them because of the bias towards trying to allow as many votes as possible to count that were legally cast,” said Eric Eggers, author of the book Fraud. “It’s the first evidence we have of systemic efforts to undercut or subvert election law as it was on the book.”

  The Democrats are claiming it was a simple mistake made by some young people which actually hurt the Democrats they were trying to help:

“Some 23-year-old staffer probably got two dates mixed up,” said Schale. “They put the date down for the provisional ballot cure, not the absentee ballot cure, and actually by doing it, all they did was make it harder for their own voters to vote.”

  This sounds like an eerily similar excuse in the IRS targeting scandal and of course we know the IRS finally admitted guilt. 

  But here is a question I would like to have answered, why did the Department of Justice decide not to investigate this story?

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. November 20, 2018 8:39 pm

    “Bias Judge” = Globalist Cabal judge
    Well isn’t this ‘nice’ news and “answer to prayer.”
    Funny (coincidence) ‘Dr.’ Snipes stepping down … resigning. I’m sure we’ll hear “more” later.
    How many more? I guess the “MN Franken ballot shuffle” didn’t work this time.

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  2. hocuspocus13 permalink
    November 20, 2018 8:55 pm

    Perhaps they should open up an investigation in Orange County California

    Where a Republican stronghold just became totally blue

    The people living in that district for 30-40 years went to vote in the MidTerms only to find they were no longer on the voter rolls

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    • November 21, 2018 6:33 am

      I think that would be a great idea, I don’t know why more Republicans aren’t fighting back, do they really hate Trump that much?


  3. November 20, 2018 9:46 pm

    I was able to track what happened to the ballot that was mailed to me in Florida. Since I moved, I registered in PA, but Florida has me as active. One can go online and track what happened. It was returned to sender and not voted. Mailed in August.
    Florida should be able to easily figure out the fraud. Check to see what happened to the mailed out ballots since millions vote that way and track them. Check and see if people actually mailed it themselves and how they voted.

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  4. MaddMedic permalink
    November 20, 2018 10:06 pm

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    Nothing to see here….Move along…Saith some Obama appointed Judge.. or Look!!!!! TRUMP!!

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  5. November 20, 2018 11:41 pm

    OT but goes with how the enemy will not go down easily.

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