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Elizabeth Warren claimed to be ‘American-Indian’ on her Texas bar registration

February 6, 2019

  When the scandal first broke out during her first Senatorial run the high cheek-boned Senator from Massachusetts claimed that while she was proud of her Native American heritage she never used it to advance in school or in her career. Of course I am talking about Elizabeth Warren. We know this is a lie and we also know that Harvard promoted her as its “first woman of color” and good ole Lizzy never made an effort to correct this mistake.

  But what about using her made up heritage in order to advance her career? We now know that Elizabeth Warren claimed to be a Native American when she applied to the Texas bar, here is more:

The Washington Post obtained the registration card, which was previously undisclosed, during an open records request. As the Post noted, the card was handwritten using blue ink and signed by Warren. The card shows Warren wrote “American Indian” for her “race” and is dated April 1986. A spokesperson for the Massachusetts Democrat did not dispute the card’s authenticity, according to the newspaper.

And here is the Tweet which contains the proof:

It is pretty clear to me that Elizabeth Warren pretended to be a minority to take advantage of a situation, this was not a mistake and the “confusion” she has apologized for was intentional. Because this time we have it in her own handwriting she cannot get away with using “confusion” as an excuse. This was purposeful deception, she knew what she was doing, she knew it was wrong, and now that she has been caught she is finally apologizing.

  This is not going to go away, in part because people realize how deceitful she was being and partly because she still has not taken full responsibility for her actions. I believe this will haunt her throughout her run for the Presidency and I believe it disqualifies her.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. Bruce Booher permalink
    February 6, 2019 10:07 pm

    So Pocahontas , the darling of the left has worked the identity politics system successfully for a long time. But now, she has committed a sin, and the identity politics police have no choice to respond, just as they had to cut down their buddy Al Franken As Ben Shapiro said, there can be no forgiveness in the radical left.
    Maybe, just maybe Pocahontas could work her way back if there weren’t at least a 100 leftists running for Pres. So cut-and-run is the way for the left.'”All leftists are created equal, but some are far more equal than others’. Where the military say no “man” left behind, the left is happy to leave any sinner behind

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    • February 7, 2019 6:16 am

      Yeah, she took advantage of the system set up to help minorities and the Dems are the party that supposedly cares about them. Yet she did not care if she was taking the job away from a real Native American because all she cared about was herself. I think you are right, normally this would be ignored by the Dem voters but this time around there are too many other candidates vying for the job.


  2. February 7, 2019 8:53 am

    Which only goes to show that when the Dems want to get someone they do….. too big a field and the youngins want her place. Same with the VA Gov. He was getting to be a problem, so drag out what apparently was known long before the fall election. Once this string get pulled….if only the GOP could chase after a few of Trump’s nemesis. Oh, thats right, they are on the same team.

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    • February 7, 2019 9:24 pm

      I am sure they have something on almost everybody that they can pull out when and if needed.Apparently they knew about the sex assault last year also but kept it quiet.

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  3. MaddMedic permalink
    February 7, 2019 10:52 am

    Well hell….I am certain I am part Klingon!!! At least my son thinks so…

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