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Judge rules against Donald Trump’s oil drilling Executive Order

March 31, 2019

  When Barack Obama was President he issued a couple of Executive Orders banning oil drilling in parts of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Enter Donald Trump, he used his pen and his phone to reverse the bans using an Executive Order and naturally lawsuits ensued.

  A Federal Judge has now ruled that Donald Trump exceeded his authority by reversing the ban using Executive Order even though Barack Obama did not exceed his authority by banning the drilling using Executive Order. Judge Sharon Gleason has nullified Donald Trump’s Order and put the ban back in place. Here is more:

President Donald Trump exceeded his authority when he reversed bans on offshore drilling in vast parts of the Arctic Ocean and dozens of canyons in the Atlantic Ocean, a U.S. judge said in a ruling that restored the Obama-era restrictions.

U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Gleason in a decision late Friday threw out Trump’s executive order that overturned the bans that comprised a key part of Obama’s environmental legacy.

Presidents have the power under a federal law to remove certain lands from development but cannot revoke those removals, Gleason said.

“The wording of President Obama’s 2015 and 2016 withdrawals indicates that he intended them to extend indefinitely, and therefore be revocable only by an act of Congress,” said Gleason, who was nominated to the bench by Obama.

  The problem with this decision, as this article points out, is the fact that this ban was unilaterally imposed by Barack Obama and was not passed by the Congress therefor it does not take an act of Congress to reverse it just because it goes against Barack Obama’s original intent.

The judge who made the ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Gleason, claimed that presidents have the power to remove lands from development, but not to revoke those removals.

Gleason is arguing that because Obama wanted these drilling bans to be indefinite, that no future president has the authority to reverse them. Yeah, that’s not how it works. Any executive action, since not done with the consent of Congress, can be reversed by another executive action. In fact, it happens all the time.

  The article then goes on to give a few examples of Presidents reversing the Executive Orders of previous Presidents with their own Executive Orders but apparently that is  no longer how it works.

  We have seen this time and time again and it is only a matter of time before a judge out there rules that Donald Trump exceeded his authority when he declared a national emergency at the border.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. April 1, 2019 6:41 pm

    The more Pro America judges we have – replacing the cabal world order judges will be refreshing and a plus for American’s!
    I was listening to Bernie’s newest vid and he mentioned that the fight is more Nationalism vs the globalist who want to rule, control and have their ‘kingdom on earth’ (promoted by the fallen angels of course) – since they were kicked out of the High Heavens.
    Just the beginning part is what I’m referring to – the taking down of the ‘old guard’.
    Would be great to see everything signed and put into effect by the fraud’s be as if they were never in power – and that include these anti American judges (lock um up).
    btw SGT has an interesting topic: hollow earth u might like to skim.

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    • April 1, 2019 6:47 pm

      Slowly but surely Trump is remaking the judiciary. Hopefully he will have enough time to get most of the job done.

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  2. April 2, 2019 9:00 am

    There will always be one judge out there somewhere that the Left will find…. thousands more to go and so little time…. and anyway, take a look at Roberts which was suppose to be the savior of the Supremes…another Rino I do believe…..

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    • April 2, 2019 2:57 pm

      Like weeds, constantly having to uproot and toss out of the garden, into a container.

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    • April 2, 2019 7:10 pm

      It is amazing the way they are allowed to shop cases around until they are able to find one person to stop a law and nobody seems to think this is a problem.
      Roberts has been a huge disappointment!

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