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Bill de Blasio threatens to sue Donald Trump if he relocates immigrants to his sanctuary city

April 16, 2019

  For several years now Democrats have been promoting sanctuary cities where illegal immigrants can migrate to and not have to worry about being deported because these cities would not enforce federal immigration law. These same Democrats have vowed not to allow the President to build a wall on the southern border and they want all deportations stopped.

  So the other day Donald Trump called their bluff and said if they were unwilling to negotiate he would be forced to take the Democrats up on their offer and send the illegal immigrants to the sanctuary cities where they have been promised a welcome reception for years.

  You would think the Democrats would be on television gloating about their victory and how they stopped the President from deporting illegal immigrants and forced him to relocate them in the United States but that was not so because if Donald Trump is for something than the Democrats have sworn to oppose that something. While once they called Donald Trump’s policies in regards to illegal immigration heartless they have done a complete reversal and are calling this new proposal heartless.

  Yesterday we saw Cher start spouting talking points Republicans have been using for years to voice her opposition to sending illegal immigrants into her city, and yes this is the same Cher who once said she would take dreamers into her home and urged everybody to do the same.

  Today it might have gotten even stranger because New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said he will sue Donald Trump if the President tries to use his sanctuary city as a sanctuary city. Here is more:

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday that President Trump’s plan to send undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities like New York is illegal and vowed to fight it in court.

“It’s illegal. It is just plain illegal. We will meet him in court. We will beat him in court,” de Blasio said.

“I remember vividly the day the Trump administration, when he said he was going to cut our security funding because we did not ask for documentation status, because we would not cooperate with everything ICE was doing,” he added.

“We said we would go to court to stop it and we did.”

  Bill de Blasio apparently does not even note the irony and contradiction in his own statement: he claims what Donald Trump is doing is illegal while neglecting the fact that refusing to enforce federal law is illegal, but that is not the most ironic part of his statement. On one hand Bill de Blasio sued the President to keep federal funding even though New York was a sanctuary city, and now on the other hand he is threatening to sue the President if he makes good on New York’s promise to be a sanctuary city.

  These people have become so blinded with hatred that they are not seeing or thinking clearly any more. They do not even realize they are now fighting against illegal immigrants and that is because the Democrats never really cared about the illegal immigrants, they only cared about taking the opposite position as the President. Now their opposition to Donald Trump has turned them against the illegal immigrants.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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