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Christine Pelosi on Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest: ‘some of our faves may be implicated’

July 7, 2019

  Over the weekend Jeffrey Epstein was finally arrested on child sex abuse and trafficking charges and if the rumors we have been hearing about for years are true there are quite a few politicians who are probably shaking in their boots.

  It is obvious Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine has heard the rumors and she put out a very interesting and frankly disturbing tweet. Here it is:

  Her use of the term “quite likely” tells us that she has heard the same things we have heard over the years and she would not be surprised to see others that we all know ensnared in this scandal. In fact it seems like a bit of a warning about what is to come.

  But to call potential predators “our faves” just because they might be on your side politically is very disturbing; it sure sounds as if she, and we have to assume higher-ups in the government, were willing to overlook this presumed behavior as long as they were getting away with it simply because it was politically advantageous. I would like to know how many others heard the rumors about their “faves” and did nothing.

 And the tweet certainly does not show remorse for hearing the rumors and allowing the behavior to continue because of your lack of action, but rather it shows more remorse for the fact some of their “faves” might be in quite a bit of trouble. 

  It does not usually end well for child molesters in prison, and the prognosis certainly seems worse for an alleged child molester who might have the goods on politicians and would be willing to talk in order to cut down on a prison sentence. I will be shocked if he ever has the chance to spill his guts on all of “our faves.”

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. MaddMedic permalink
    July 7, 2019 8:25 pm

    Pass the popcorn please….

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