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Joe Biden refuses to apologize for the 3 million deportations under Barack Obama

July 13, 2019

  Believe it or not Donald Trump is not the first President to order the deportation of illegal immigrants and even Barack Obama ordered the deportation of 3 million illegal immigrants.

  Joe Biden, who thought he was safe running as Barack Obama’s third term, is running into a little more opposition than he was probably prepared for. While all of the other candidates on the Democratic side of the aisle are promising everything from abolishing ICE to decriminalizing illegal border crossing, free healthcare and college education, and handing out lollipop and balloons, Joe Biden refuses to join the alt-left chorus. Not only is the former Vice President against decriminalizing illegal entry into the country but when confronted yesterday he refused to apologize to the 3 million illegal immigrants who were deported under Barack Obama’s watch.

  Here is more:

Biden, who is facing increased criticism over the three million deportations that occurred under President Barack Obama, made the gaffe during a campaign event in New Hampshire when confronted by immigration activists.

“I want you to apologize to the three million immigrants that were deported and separated from their families under the Obama years,” a man speaking Spanish told Biden through a translator. “I want to know if you will commit to stopping all deportations and detentions if you are elected president.”

Biden, who openly smirked when asked the question, stood defiant in the face of the activists, many of whom waved signs and chanted at the former vice president.

“No, I will not halt deportations and detentions, I would make sure that every single,” Biden said, before being cut off  by chants of “three million deportations” and “apologize now” from the crowd.

When allowed to finish, Biden said that deportations for a “serious felony” were warranted, while those for “a misdemeanor” were not.

“Under my administration, there will be no family separation until there is a hearing whether or not asylum is in fact warranted,” he said. “And there is no need to put anybody in a private prison, when we did it there was a court where you could have people show up for their hearings whether or not they were separated.”

Claiming that illegal migrants were “more likely to show up” to court proceedings “when they are together rather then being separated,” Biden reiterated that he drew the line between felonies and misdemeanors for deportation.

“I will not apologize for the deportation of people who have committed a felony,” he added. “I will apologize for deportations if in fact you were deported because in fact you were engaged in a misdemeanor… or your family was separated.”

  The “gaffe” mentioned in the quote above was Joe Biden saying we need family separation when you can tell by the rest of the quote that is not what he was advocating  so  I will give him a pass on that. (Although it will be fun to see his Democratic rivals cut up the clip and use it in television commercials.)

  Joe Biden used the caveat that he would apologize to people who were deported for only committing a misdemeanor but before that stated that only illegal immigrants who committed a felony were deported under Barack Obama.  So Joe Biden refused to apologize to any of the 3 million people who were deported on his watch and once again reaffirmed that he would not halt deportations or detentions.

  If Joe Biden thought he was going to have an easy time of it by running on Barack Obama’s record he made a serious miscalculation because Donald Trump’s election has pushed the Democrats so far to the left that even Barack Obama’s policies look moderate to the current slew of Democratic candidates and their voters.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. MaddMedic permalink
    July 13, 2019 6:48 am

    How do you spell hypocrisy?
    D E M O C R A T!!!

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  2. Dr. Jeff permalink
    July 13, 2019 3:52 pm

    When Joe Biden is the best statesman the Democrats have, you know they are in trouble.

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