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NBC contributor claims Donald Trump is raising the flag to full staff on August 8th as a signal to neo-Nazis

August 7, 2019

  I can still remember when Barack Obama was President and there were people on the right who were calling him a dictator in waiting, I remember people comparing him to Hitler, and calling him a communist only to be rebuffed by the left, which called such attacks dangerous and irresponsible.

  So over the course of the last couple of years I have found it slightly amusing to see the left make the same claims about Donald Trump. Part of me felt as if they were simply doing this and saying these things as a bit of payback after having had to defend Barack Obama from these types of attacks bit now I realize they are serious and they do not even realize what hypocrites they have become.

  However the rhetoric has really heated up in the last several months with liberals calling anybody who voted for Donald Trump neo-Nazis, racists, white supremacists, white nationalists, misogynists, and whatever vile insult they can come up with. Since some people did some things in El Paso and Dayton recently the rhetoric has gotten out of hand with the Presidential candidates and the Democratic members of the Congress trying to outdo each other in equating the President and his supporters with racists and Nazis but a contributor won the prize for most outlandish comment when he said the reason the flags would be raised up to full staff on August 8th was because it was a signal to neo-Nazis.

  Here is more:

The president said that we will fly our flags at half-mast until August 8th. That`s 8/8. Now, I’m not going to imply that he did this deliberately but I am using it as an example of the ignorance of the adversary that`s being demonstrated by the White House.

The numbers 88 are very significant in neo-Nazi and white supremacist movement. Why? Because the letter H is the eighth letter of the alphabet and to them, the numbers 88 together stand for “Heil Hitler.” So we’re going to be raising the flag back up at dusk on 8/8. No one is thinking about this. No one is giving him advice or he’s rejecting the advice. So, understand your adversary to counter the adversary.

  The reason nobody is talking about this is because that is a reach of epic proportions but of course NBC did not bother to challenge him on this. At least he gave the President the benefit of the doubt by saying maybe he did not know but still uses this to mock the President’s ignorance. 

  This is getting out of control but this is exactly what the left wants because they are hoping to use this chaos to win back power and they do not care how much violence they incite in the meantime.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. MaddMedic permalink
    August 7, 2019 8:53 pm

    To be expected from NBC. Nothing But Crap…

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  2. August 8, 2019 9:34 am

    Very well said Steve…. not much to add…but wacko times these days.

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  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    August 9, 2019 12:12 am

    I don’t think for a minute that Trump picked August 8th as a signal to the Neo Nazis. That’s just more Liberal insanity.

    From 1969 until roughly 1972 I was politically active on the Liberal side. During that time, I saw a lot of very ugly hatred and violence.

    The intolerance and violence coming from today’s Liberals is far worse than anything I saw 50 years ago.

    Today, it’s all lying and hatred, no compassion, no facts worthy of the name, just hatred and lies. Many years ago, when the Tea Party had its first rallies, I saw a picture of one guy holding a home made sign that said: “It doesn’t matter what this says, you’ll call it racist anyway.”

    Yes, I really am a renegade Liberal. The difference between me and the sickos polluting the airwaves and internet is that when I said “Power to the People”, I really meant it. Modern Liberalism has nothing to do with being liberal and everything to do with power and control of the people by the ruling class.

    If it helps any, I’ve voted a straight Republican ticket since Bill Clinton’s first run for the Presidency. The GOP isn’t my idea of perfection, but they’re way ahead of anyone else. Never again will I be a sheep.

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    • August 9, 2019 6:55 pm

      Well said Dr. Jeff! I have thought that the Dems have always been hateful and angry but that it has gotten worse in recent years and now they are not afraid to hide it. They certainly have changed, they have gone from wanting to fight the man to wanting to be the man and I think with them out of power they have really gone off the deep end.


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