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Joe Biden asks audience to imagine Barack Obama’s assassination

August 24, 2019

  After a gaffe-filled week a couple of weeks ago Joe Biden’s handlers decided to scale back the candidate’s campaign appearances, especially at night, so that his potential voters would not see him sundowning on the campaign trail. I guess his handlers did not quite cut back his appearances enough because yesterday at an event in New Hampshire Joe Biden mused about Barack Obama’s assassination. Here is more:

I think of where we are at the moment. You know, none of you men are old — women are old enough, but a couple of you guys are old enough to remember. I graduated in 1968. Everybody before me was, drop out, go to Haight-Ashbury, don’t trust anybody over 30, everybody not getting involved. I’m serious, I know no woman will shake their head and acknowledge it, but you guys know what I’m talking about. Right? But then what happened? Dr. Ki— I only have two political heroes. I have one hero who was my dad, but I have two political heroes were Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. My senior semester they were both shot and killed. Imagine what would have happened if, God forbid, Barack Obama had been assassinated after becoming the de facto nominee. What would have happened in America?

  That is a pretty strange thing to wonder about, isn’t it? I guess in his awkward way he was trying to say the assassinations in 1968 were what drew him into politics, and he is wondering what the effect on the youth in America would have been if the first black nominee for President were assassinated. What kind of person even thinks this way? Personally I find it to be more than a little sick and twisted.

  So many people of the proper age seem to long for the late 1960’s, they seem to look back nostalgically and with great fondness at the times and while the times produced great changes I think sometimes people forget how violent the times were. But in this case Joe Biden appears to be longing for the violence as well, and violence is something the left has been trying to goad the right into since Donald Trump became President, so in the end it is not all that surprising Joe Biden went down that road.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. peter3nj permalink
    August 24, 2019 10:40 am

    Imagine…Bubba would have been the First Lady.

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