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Republicans to drop primaries in four states to protect Donald Trump

September 7, 2019

  As you know there are a couple of people who have decided to primary Donald Trump in the 2020 campaign. Of course they have no chance of knocking off the President but the Republican party is still upset at this turn of events and now it is being reported that four states actually plan to cancel their primaries to  impede those rogue Republicans. Here is more:

The Republican parties in Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, and South Carolina intend to cancel the 2020 presidential primaries in their states, according to three people familiar with their plans, a move aimed at depriving President Trump’s long-shot challengers of chances to build support.

The state parties have yet to formalize their decisions, but Trump’s challengers denounced the move. Joe Walsh, a former Tea Party congressman from Illinois who announced his candidacy last month, said he planned to fight the move both legally and by appealing directly to voters in those four states.

  Personally I believe this is a stupid idea and it sounds like something the Democrats would do. We saw the way the 2016 Democratic primary was rigged with the super delegates to deny Bernie Sanders any chance of winning the nomination even though he had the momentum and in the end might have beaten Donald Trump, and this reeks of the same stench.

  Donald Trump is in no danger of losing the nomination and as far as the other candidates taking support away from Donald Trump, that is not going to happen. His supporters are not going to abandon him (I reserve the right to change my mind if he signs gun control legislation) and those never-Trumpers in the Republican party are not going to vote for him anyway. There is no benefit to this other than to avoid potential embarrassment and I think this attempt is an embarrassment in and of itself. 

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium


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