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Senate bill would ban 205 different guns and magazines which hold more than 11 rounds

September 27, 2019

  While Washington, the mainstream media, social media, and frankly the whole nation is in the grip of impeachment talk it is important that we keep our eyes open to see what is going on while our attention is diverted.

  It seems like weeks ago already but before it all broke loose the hot topic was gun control. Just because it is no longer getting the media attention does not mean the gun grabbers in our government have forgotten about it.

  The Senate–where we could at least hope would offer less radical gun control legislation–is working on a bill and this is what it is being reported is in it:

In addition to banning 205 different guns, “high capacity” magazines, and bump stocks, the Senate “assault weapons” ban includes a universal background check requirement for any future transfer of firearms covered by the ban.

  Apparently the Senate has not received the memo that Donald Trump already banned bump stocks by an overreach of executive power but let that go…

  Suddenly it is not just AR-15s and AK-47s, the list is up to 205 different weapons and that is not including the the “high capacity” magazine ban. According to the article linked above this bill would ban magazines which hold more than 11 rounds.

  As gun owners know an 11 round magazine is certainly not “high capacity” and with the exception of revolvers and sub compact handguns most magazine-fed weapons would be banned under this plan.

  I already feel Donald Trump can not be trusted on the Second Amendment and with all that is going on around him right now he might feel added pressure to sign gun control legislation to sign this legislation if it makes it to his desk. We need to watch this very closely.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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