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Hillary Clinton claims Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset

October 18, 2019

  I can see Russians from my office! The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! I have gotten quite a kick out of the fact that the very same people who ridiculed Mitt Romney for calling Russia America’s number one geopolitical threat are now the authors of the new red scare. The Democrats have turned into neo-McCarthyites who see Russians behind every blade of grass.

  Of course we know from listening to the Democrats for the past three years Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin’s puppet and everybody in his administration, and all the Republicans for that matter, are Russian assets, but now we are learning from Hillary Clinton that there is a Russian asset in an unlikely spot. 

  The failed Presidential candidate is now claiming that Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset who could possibly run as a third party candidate to help Russia reelect Donald Trump, here is what she had to say:

Hillary Clinton said that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is being groomed by Moscow to run as a third-party spoiler candidate in 2020 to help President Trump win reelection.

The former secretary of state pushed the theory on Campaign HQ podcast hosted by David Plouffe, President Barack Obama’s campaign manager in 2008.

“They are also going to do third party again,” Clinton, 71, said. “I’m not making any predictions, but I think they’ve got their eye on somebody who is currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate,” Clinton said, referring to Gabbard, without mentioning the Hawaii representative by name.

“She is a favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far. That’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not because she is also a Russian asset.

  I am not sure what provoked Hillary Clinton to make such an outrageous claim against a fellow Democrat. This type of vitriol is usually saved for the Republican party but Tulsi Gabbard is the one Democrat who uses a little bit of common sense on some issues and is not as far to the left as the others. Plus she is a military person and we know how the left feels about the military, so perhaps they see her as a bit of a threat to their radical agenda.
  I find it hard to believe anybody really believes Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset who will work with Russia to help Donald Trump but who knows, they really have lost their minds since the 2016 election and they are no longer thinking clearly.
malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium
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  1. October 18, 2019 7:43 pm

    Drudge had a poll for a vote on who won the debate.. she was way up there…close to 80 percent if my memory serves me…… She also blames the green party woman as an agent as well.. Wow…..well, that will or should finish her..

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    • October 19, 2019 6:43 am

      I am beginning to wonder if this was a setup designed to help Gabbard get some publicity because the Dems are worried about how radical they are becoming and want somebody a little less crazy.

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  2. MaddMedic permalink
    October 19, 2019 9:34 pm

    Crazy has run amok amongst the Democrats…

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  1. Tulsi Gabbard files defamation lawsuit againt Hillary Clinton | America's Watchtower

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