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Elizabeth Warren lied about sending her children to public school

November 23, 2019

  Elizabeth Warren has, at best, shall we say a fleeting relationship with the truth and she is at it again. This time when she was confronted by protesters she denied that she sent any of her children to private school even though public records show that she did. Here is more from the Senator from (I should say “of” because she is not “from”) Massachusetts on this:

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren denied sending her children to private schools, despite the fact that she sent her son to an elite private school.

When school choice activists confronted her after a campaign rally Thursday, Warren said her children didn’t go to private schools.

“We are going to have the same choice that you had for your kids, because I read that your children went to private schools,” one activist told Warren. “No, my children went to public schools,” the Massachusetts senator replied.

But publicly available records show Warren, who has pledged to crack down on school choice if elected, chose to send her son Alexander to Kirby Hall, an elite private school in the Austin area, as the Daily Caller News Foundation previously reported. Kirby Hall’s 1987 yearbook lists Alexander Warren among the school’s fifth-graders.

  At this point in her life lying comes so easily to her that she probably does not even realize she is lying any more, the lies just flow like prose from her lips. There really was no reason to lie here: you have money, you sent your son to private school, and everybody knows that you did. But “wealth” has become a dirty word in Democratic circles and instead of being proud she was embarrassed and her first reaction was to lie about it.

  I always get a kick out of it when millionaire politicians claim to understand the common man and the Democrats are masters of acting as if they are just one of the beer swillin’ guys at the bar when in reality they are aristocrats.

  This is a perfect example of what they mean when they talk about leveling the playing field, they are not talking about giving the common man the same opportunity as they had but rather the same opportunity as each other. There is a big difference there and they honestly believe, despite their rhetoric, that there is a ruling class and a ruled class and in their minds they are elitists and deserve to be held above the proletariat so they can better rule them.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. November 23, 2019 8:54 am

    Oh how this internet is such a problem. There was a time when the “common folks” could not learn of the lies….. how much longer we will have access to the past is questionable.

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    • November 23, 2019 6:12 pm

      It is just such a stupid thing to lie about but you are right, years ago nobody would have been able to see this. If Democrats win in 2020 I think the internet will be one of the first things they move on.

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