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William Barr indicts 8 for funneling illegal foreign donations to Democrats

December 14, 2019

  This story is actually several days old but it has been a busy week and so I did not have a chance to get to it until now, but it is better late than never and it has not received any coverage so here we go:

 The Democrats have been trying to remove Donald Trump from office since, well, even before he took office, on the grounds that he allegedly sought foreign help in the 2016 election. Ironically enough it turns out there was an attempt at foreign interference during the 2016 campaign but to date it all happens to be on the side of the Democrats.

  First came the Russian dossier, which was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee which was the work of a foreign operative. But that apparently was the tip of the iceberg if this story is true because William Barr has indicted eight Democrats for funneling illegal foreign donations into Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

  I had to dig around for a little while to find the CNN version of this story so I would not be subject to claims my source article was not a legitimate outlet. It was not easy but I found it, here is more:

Eight people, including a longtime political networker and a CEO, have been indicted on charges of funneling money illegally into Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and other political groups.

George Nader, who has for decades hobnobbed with political elites and became a key Mueller cooperator, and Allied Wallet CEO Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja are accused of sending millions to political committees and hiding Nader as its source, with Nader allegedly reporting to a Middle Eastern government on the effort.

  “With Nader allegedly reporting to a Middle Eastern government.” That is an interesting way to word it don’t you think? Almost like CNN is downplaying the connection…

  But let us continue:

According to Federal Election Commission records and details in the indictment, the money primarily went toward backing Clinton’s 2016 campaign efforts. Though Clinton and her affiliated campaign finance groups are unnamed in the indictment, the money primarily went to her campaign, according to a source familiar with the investigation and campaign finance records. Attorneys for the Clinton campaign, the Democratic Party, and Bill and Hillary Clinton did not respond to requests for comment on Wednesday.

The other conspirators are alleged to have been part of Khawaja’s donations scheme, which allowed him to exceed campaign finance limits, according to the indictment.

Nader, specifically, is accused of sending more than $3.5 million through Khawaja to political committees so they could gain access to then-candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. “It was a purpose of the conspiracy for Nader and Khawaja to use their access to Candidate 1 to gain favor with, and potential financial support from, the government of Foreign Country A,” prosecutors wrote in the indictment. The contributions were disguised so Nader’s involvement was hidden, the Justice Department said.

  There it is, does that sound like a quid pro quo with a foreign government to affect the outcome of an election to you because it certainly does to me. And while all of this goes on, these very same Democrats who appear to be guilty of doing what they have claimed Donald Trump has done are poised to put the President on trial in the Senate and the mainstream media does not find this a newsworthy story.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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