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Did New York cost Joe Biden the Democratic nomination?

April 28, 2020

  Earlier this week New York cancelled its Democratic primary due to concerns over COVID-19. Other States have postponed primaries but if I am not mistaken New York is the first State to actually cancel it outright.

  New York is claiming it is okay to take away the voice of her people because Joe Biden basically has the nomination locked up anyway, but is it possible this could backfire on the presumptive nominee because he has not yet secured the necessary delegates needed to  lock up the nomination before the convention?

On Monday, officials in New York announced the cancellation of the state’s Democratic presidential primary, calling the event “essentially a beauty contest,” and a risk to public health in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

While New York Democrats cited the inevitability of Joe Biden’s nomination for the party’s candidacy as justification for calling off the primary, it could actually make the former VP’s spot on the ticket anything but a forgone conclusion.

Biden is the prohibitive favorite for the nomination to face Donald Trump in November. But New York could be the first step in an unlikely path to a contested Democratic convention

Although Bernie Sanders is officially out of the race, Biden does not yet have an overall majority of convention delegates. As of April 27, the former vice president has 1,305 of the 1,991 delegates needed to clinch a first-round coronation at the party’s convention. New York offered 320 delegates up for grabs, 274 pledged to the primary winner; a prize that would have brought Biden closer to the nomination.

If New York’s decision triggers other states to cancel their own primaries, it is entirely possible that Biden could arrive at the Democratic convention without a guarantee of the nomination.  

Assuming the convention begins without a majority of delegates pledged to Biden, the nomination process, during which delegates conduct floor votes, would become a live-fire exercise, rather than a pro forma step in Biden’s coronation as nominee. 

If Biden does not secure a majority on the first ballot, delegates could offer another candidate from the floor.

  Hmmm, that is an interesting scenario and it makes me wonder if New York’s cancelling of its primary was part of a plan by the Democratic party to take the nomination away from the former Vice-President. Maybe this is the end game.

  It is no secret that Joe Biden has problems, and I am not just talking about the early signs of dementia he is showing and I am not even talking about his fondness for touching young people. These sexual assault allegations might be being mostly ignored by the media during the COVID-19 crisis but they are not going away and the calls within the party for Joe Biden to step out of the race are growing. 

  If Joe Biden is not going to go away willingly, and at this point I do not think he can, maybe this is how the party intends to rid themselves of somebody who is accused of being a sexual predator.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium


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  1. April 28, 2020 7:38 pm

    I don’t know how it is legal…. one is still permitted to do write in candidates.. or so I thought. but what do I know after my post today… All I know it a full frontal attack on our election system and there will be hell to pay if the voters lose their choice of candidates.
    I do believe they are setting it up to finish him off….. they are slow walking his scandal but I suspect it will heat up very soon and the libs will hang him.

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    • April 29, 2020 4:39 am

      We will see, I think when and if this coronavirus crisis ever ends the media will have to focus on the accusations but you never know. I think the Dems wanted Bernie out of the picture and Biden was the only one left but now he might be in trouble and it could be Michelle who comes to the rescue.

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