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Democrats threaten to pack the Supreme Court if Donald Trump picks a nominee before the election

August 3, 2020

  The Democrats have been throwing around the idea of packing the Supreme Court if they win the Presidency and a majority in the Senate for a couple of months now and they are once again threatening to do so if Donald Trump picks a nominee for a vacancy in the highest court in the land before the election.

  Here is more:

Democrats are warning Republicans not to fill a possible Supreme Court vacancy this year after denying President Barack Obama the chance in 2016, saying it would embolden a push on the left to add seats to the court whenever they regain power.

“If they show that they’re unwilling to respect precedent, rules and history, then they can’t feign surprise when others talk about using a statutory option that we have that’s fully constitutional in our availability,” he said. “I don’t want to do that. But if they act in such a way, they may push it to an inevitability. So they need to be careful about that.”

  The precedent and history they are talking about is of course the decision of the Republican-led Senate not to confirm Barack Obama’s pick in 2016 before the last election. This case is slightly different because Barack Obama was a lame-duck President and there is still a chance Donald Trump can win reelection, but it is a slight difference and the Democrats will not make the distinction because they  are chomping at the bit to exact a little revenge.

  Personally I do not blame them for this, if the situation was reversed I would be for doing the same thing, but I think Donald Trump should turn the tables on them and threaten to pack the Supreme Court before the election to get them all on record as being opposed to court-packing.

  But what I really want to know is this, what do they know that we do not know? Why is the idea of Donald Trump getting a Supreme Court vacancy before the election suddenly an issue?

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. lou222 permalink
    August 3, 2020 8:13 pm

    Respect precedent, rules and history? The Dems uttered those words? You know and I know that as soon as they regain power they will “pack the Supreme Court”! They think we think they will not do it IF President Trump will not put in another Supreme Court Justice? Haha! At some point I wonder if they will run out of bullsh*t, but apparently not. As for extracting revenge, hasn’t that been going on for almost 4 years? They have never accepted this President. We had to with Obama, but, well THIS is different. Or, at at least they say it is. I am waiting for SCJ Ginsberg to not wake up some morning, not sure how much her frail body can take along with chemo. I think when, not if that happens, all hell is going to break out. This is one of the things they do not have control of right now. I don’t know why most the Republicans have allowed Pelosi to run over them and they give in. I think anyone here on this blog would stand a better chance of standing up to them than the crew that call themselves Republicans. For having a Republican President AND having the majority in the Senate, they have sure made a poor showing, haven’t they?

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    • August 4, 2020 6:22 am

      The Dems have been threatening to pack the courts for months now, this is just the latest excuse, there is no doubt in my mind they are going to do it one way or the other so the Republicans might as well go for it.
      Two Republicans have already come out and said they would not vote on a nominee, and so it begins…

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  2. lou222 permalink
    August 3, 2020 8:21 pm

    Sorry put extract instead of exact, my bad and trying to get my point across too fast….forgive me.

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