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New York Democrat claims Andrew Cuomo under-counted COVID-19 nursing home deaths by at least 2,000

August 23, 2020

  When last we left Andrew Cuomo and his nursing home saga we learned that the deaths in nursing homes due to the Governor’s nursing home directive had been under-counted and the real total was much higher than the 6,600 we were told.

  Despite Andrew Cuomo having investigated and cleared himself some New York politicians, many Democrats included, have been calling for a special independent investigation into the Governor’s deadly order. We are now beginning to learn more about how deadly this directive was because  a Democrat in New York is claiming that at a minimum the death count was under-counted by 2,000, here is more:

During an interview broadcast on Friday’s “CNN Newsroom,” New York State Sen. James Skoufis (D) said that he thinks New York’s numbers underrepresent the number of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes and he believes that “at a minimum, we’re talking probably a couple of thousand additional deaths.”

Skoufis said, “My gut sense is, at a minimum, we’re talking probably a couple of thousand additional deaths.”

  The discrepancy is due to the fact that New York did not count people who died in the hospital after being sent there from a nursing home, this of course would lower the number although the patient had to have been infected while in the nursing home. So while Senator Skoufis might be saying publicly this is a “gut sense” we have to believe that he, and the other politicians in New York, know exactly what the number is.

  Andrew Cuomo is downplaying his role in these deaths, blaming everybody from Donald Trump to the nursing homes themselves, but he can not be let off the hook for his bad decision and for the ensuing cover up.

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