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MSNBC: If you married in 2020 you are a selfish, reckless, gaudy killer

December 26, 2020

Well, if you had the audacity to fall in love and get married in 2020 MSNBC wants you to know exactly what it thinks of you and of America in general. And in case you were wondering here is a hint, it ain’t flattering. Here is what the hosts had to say while discussing an article that appeared in New York Magazine:

“Historically we do live in a culture that has encouraged people to sort of push the costs of their actions onto other people,” says dumpy bad writer Sarah Jones, who is also no great shakes on TV.

Yeah, and you point out, I’m going to read part of your article, “Call the weddings stupid or selfish if you want, I can’t argue with either characterization. But they aren’t aberrant. There’s nothing more American than a gaudy, expensive party that kills people. The very stories America tells about itself encourages all of us to be selfish, to shift the cost of our actions onto others.” So, I mean, is this in many ways, do you think, Sarah, just sort of a commentary on America in general and not necessarily just this pandemic?

Notice she says this does not just apply to the pandemic but is a commentary of America as a whole? If you thought the rhetoric was going to tone down now that Donald Trump is only days away from being out of office you are sadly mistaken because they are no longer afraid to show us how much disdain they have for this country, no check that, for the people of this country. They can no longer hide their true feelings.

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  1. MaddMedic permalink
    December 27, 2020 7:53 am

    MSNBC..Morons Spouting Nothing But Crap…

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