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Biden says minorities do not know how to use the internet

February 17, 2021

During last night’s town hall meeting Joe Biden was asked about people registering on the internet for COVID vaccinations and he made the odd comment that the problem with online registration is many black and Hispanic people do not know how to get online. Here is what he said:

The other part — portion is a lot of people don’t know how to register. Not everybody in the community, in the Hispanic and the African-American community, particularly in rural areas that are distant and/or inner city districts know how to use — know how to get online to determine how to get in line for that COVID vaccination at the Walgreen’s or at the particular store.

So let me see if I have this straight; the man who also said the biggest problem facing America today is the rise of white supremacy which is being fueled by former military and police is now claiming minorities are not smart enough to use the internet.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. nrringlee permalink
    February 17, 2021 8:25 pm

    Sounds like the uncut script to Blazing Saddles to me.

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  2. Zip-a-Dee permalink
    February 17, 2021 10:57 pm

    This scene reminds me GOD allowing Balaam’s donkey to speak, but in this case the ‘god of this world’ is showing how he can mimic GOD by using ByeDone 🤣
    btw Sometimes his silicon face mask malfunctions and we realize ‘something else’ is ‘going on.’

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  3. April 2, 2021 8:32 pm

    😆😂😆 … Biden also told them if they voted for the other guy during the 2020 presidential elections they were not ‘Black’.

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