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Joe Manchin opposes using budget reconciliation to bypass filibuster

April 8, 2021

Democrats have been threatening to use budget reconciliation in order to bypass the filibuster and push through their radical agenda with a simple 50-50 majority. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has a message for Democrats; he did not like it when Republicans did this and he does not support the Democrats’ plan to do this either. Here is more:

Unfortunately, our leaders in the Senate fail to realize what goes around comes around. We should all be alarmed at how the budget reconciliation process is being used by both parties to stifle debate around the major issues facing our country today. Legislating was never supposed to be easy. It is hard work to address the needs of both rural and urban communities in a single piece of legislation, but it is the work we were elected to do.

I simply do not believe budget reconciliation should replace regular order in the Senate. How is that good for the future of this nation? Senate Democrats must avoid the temptation to abandon our Republican colleagues on important national issues. Republicans, however, have a responsibility to stop saying no, and participate in finding real compromise with Democrats.

He almost sounds like he has a little integrity there, but of course if he did he would not be in Washington in the first place. The truth is, being the one guy who opposes something your party really wants has advantages. You can wield great power, you can hold out until you get something you deeply desire. I would expect when push comes to shove they will come to an agreement…

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  1. nrringlee permalink
    April 8, 2021 9:21 am

    This issue has obviously hit a nerve. While working at my brass and lead recycling machine last night I was polled twice by Rassmussen and another on exactly that issue. Someone is very interested in how Kirsten Sinema is going to deal with this issue as well as her history of statements defending filibuster.

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  2. April 9, 2021 6:37 am

    Manchin may want a political future beyond his state. We can only hope… last time out wasn’t much of a success. As I recall he had in mind to be VP for Hillary…

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    • April 9, 2021 6:43 pm

      Yeah, maybe he is thinking about his future and he doesn’t want to seem too radical. If he has national aspirations then the Dems could use the threat of withholding money from him also, I don’t see him holding firm but we’ll see.

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  3. nrringlee permalink
    April 9, 2021 8:42 am

    Thankfully we can always depend upon the political classes to consider first and foremost their own political survival. The prevailing winds are blowing against the New Left and political types will bend with that wind. It took Obama two years to lose all steam and forward progress on his legislative agenda. It has only taken two months for Slow Joe to lose his headway. All praise to the divine powers that oversee us that these clowns were born and raised sans cajones.

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