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Joe Biden reallocates reallocated border wall money

June 12, 2021

When Donald Trump could not get the Congress to pass legislation to fund a border wall on the Mexican border the President took matters into his own hands and began reallocating some Department of Defense funds to build the wall. Of course there were the usual legal challenges along the way but construction was allowed to continue.

When Joe Biden was running for president he promised to end the construction of the border wall and now according to this story he is reallocating the reallocated border wall money and is returning $2.2 billion back to the Department of Defense. Here is more:

The Biden administration redirected $2.2 billion of funds allocated for the border wall under former President Donald Trump to Department of Defense projects, the agency announced Friday.

Department of Defense (DOD) canceled all border wall construction projects on April 30 and DOD Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks approved using the funds for 66 projects across 11 states and 16 countries, according to the agency.

This is what happens when you rule by Executive Order and unlike what we saw over the previous four years I would not expect anybody to challenge Joe Biden’s authority to do this.

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