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Joe Biden’s ATF nominee in trouble in the Senate

August 9, 2021

Before I start this post I just would like to make the point that I only have one problem with the ATF and that is that there is an ATF. But as long as we have an ATF it supposedly needs somebody to head it and Joe Biden chose the gun-grabbing David Chipman to do so. But now, according to this story, David Chipman is in serious trouble with the Senate and his nomination could be doomed. Here is more:

David Chipman, Joe Biden’s choice to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, is in danger of not being confirmed in the Senate thanks to his work with an anti-Second Amendment group and his withholding of vital information during his confirmation hearing.

Several moderate Democratic senators, including Angus King of Maine and Jon Tester of Montana, don’t believe that Chipman can work with the gun industry. Other Democrats like Senators Joe Manchin question his veracity after Chipman withheld the fact that he made an appearance on a Chinese state-run propaganda outlet that was used by the Communists to explain away a mass stabbing.

“Earlier this week, news reports indicated that Mr. Chairman had failed to disclosure to our colleagues on the Judiciary Committee a TV appearance he made several years ago,” stated Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. “And this wasn’t just any TV appearance. Mr. Chipman had granted the interview to a propaganda network overseen by the Chinese government.”

Biden has to convince Democrats to support his man, and it doesn’t look good at this point. There is little chance that Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will bring the nomination to the Senate floor before the August recess given the tight Senate schedule. The longer that the nominee remains in limbo, the stronger the opposition to his nomination will get.

Dick Durbin also expressed doubt that a vote would be taken on David Chipman before the recess. With all of these Democrats seemingly opposed to the nomination it would appear he is doomed, but I am sure they are standing there with their hands out waiting to hear what they will get in return of a vote in favor.

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  1. August 10, 2021 7:55 pm

    Call me cynical…. probably put him elsewhere where he can cause trouble, but still good news. Thinking of Susan Rice who is hiding out and according to sources running the Mexican immigrants debacle behind the scenes since they didn’t think she could be comfirmed.

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