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Liberalism, Replacing Parental Rights with Government Control

October 17, 2007

 Cross posted at Grizzly Groundswell

 I want to take this time to write about four different stories, these stories are separate events, four separate news items, yet are connected by a common theme. A dangerous theme. A despicable theme. Actually they are connected be two themes, parent’s rights, and liberalism.

 Three of these stories are from my state of New Hampshire, the other from Maine. New England has blurred into one big blue mess so it’s safe to say that if a law is made in Maine, it will make it into law in New Hampshire, likewise with laws made in Vermont or Massachusetts. I think it is safe to use the story from Maine in this post under the above premise.

  I hope to use this post to illustrate how deranged and absurd liberalism can be and has become.

I have decided to start with the most recent story and go from there. I will start with the story from Maine. This is a story I wrote about just yesterday, and you can read that post here. A school committee is considering a proposal that would let middle school students get condoms and prescriptions for birth control pills. Middle school students are generally 11-13 years old. When a parents authorises the school nurse to treat their child they will be able to receive these other great perks. The number five reason a child sees the school nurse is for asthma. A concerned parent who would not want their child’s asthma attack to go untreated would authorise the school to treat their child, unwittingly opening up the child for possible exposure to birth control.

 What makes this story even worse is the fact that under privacy laws the parents don’t have the right to know if their 11 year old has asked for of been given birth control. Let’s image your 13 year old daughter goes to the nurse and gets a condom. What are some of the possible reasons for this? Perhaps, if the unknowing parent is lucky, the girl was dared and she was pressured by peers to see if she could get one. She thought it would make her cool to have one. Or, perhaps the girl is being pressured into having sex by a fifteen year old boy that she has a crush on and doesn’t want to lose him. Or even worse, maybe she is planning on meeting a 45 year old man who posed as a 15 year old boy when they chatted on the internet. Just these reasons alone should trigger a call from a concerned school nurse to the parents, but the parents don’t have the right to know that their daughter may be putting herself in a dangerous situation according to the Maine school committee. The girl’s right to privacy is more important than the parent’s right to protect their daughter from anything as dangerous as being pressured into sex by a cute boy to a child predator she “met”on-line.

 This takes me to the second story, and that is a story I posted about here. Liberal New Hampshire Governor John Lynch repealed the parents right to know bill. Notice a theme here? This bill required that an underage girl’s parent had to be notified within 24 hours before that child would have an abortion. An underage girl can have an evasive medical procedure that has lasting emotional effects without the parents having the right to know. Once again a minor’s privacy is more important to a parents right to parent. A student can’t take an aspirin to school without getting in trouble, but abortions are okay. That makes sense doesn’t it?

 This leads me directly into my third story, and that is this story. Shortly after our governor repealed the parental notification law a student group called SWAY, which is a group for at-risk middle school students, took a field-trip….to planned parenthood. Isn’t that nice? I guess they figured since minors could now get abortions behind their parent’s back they had to show them where to get it done.

 Story number four. This is a story of a boy, a girl, and a father. A New Hampshire girl, age 15 1/2 and her 17 year old boyfriend skipped the first period of school to have consensual sex. Technically the sex wasn’t consensual because the girl was six months from the age on consent. The girl’s father put two and two together and realised that this boy had sex with his daughter. The father, wanting to protect his daughter, went to the school and punched the boy in the face, knocking him out. The father is now being charged with a class B felony for beating up the boy, actually a man under the laws of consent in New Hampshire. And because he is considered a man under the laws of consent he is being charged with sexual assault on a minor. He faces up to a year in jail and will have to report as a sex offender for the rest of his life if convicted.

 This is where I try to tie all these stories together and figure out where the liberals stand on these issues. I’m not sure I can do it, or if I do, that it will make any sense. Here is what we have learned so far:

  • A middle school girl age 11-13 can get birth control at school
  • The parents don’t have the right to know about it
  • A minor can get an abortion
  • The parents don’t have a right to know
  • A boy can go to jail for having sex with a high school girl
  • A parent doesn’t have the right to protect her

 Now lets piece this together. The school, while maybe not promoting, encourages children to have sex by making the repercussions or consequences basically null and void. A girl can go to the school and get a condom with the intent to have sex, one would suppose. The girl then can have sex with the boy without fear of becoming pregnant using the birth control her parents don’t know about. If she is too scared to go to the nurse for a condom she can have sex with the boy without fear of becoming pregnant because if she does she can have an abortion without her parents knowing.

 However the boy that is the recipient of the school encouraged sexual romp faces jail time. The school basically gives the okay for the girl to have sex and then when she does what you would think she would do once she had the condom, the law comes after the boy.

 Now the father, who wasn’t allowed to know that his daughter was getting condoms before she had sex and could try to talk to her about her feelings, finds out a boy to advantage of his daughter. Being the protective father he is, he kicks the crap out of the boy. While this may not be appropriate, it is understandable. He faces jail time.

 The scenario I just laid out is just my combination of the four stories above. All true stories. The story of the 15 year old girl having sex with her 17 year old boyfriend is not related to the Maine school giving out birth control directly, but it is a true story and the scenario I laid out could actually happen when either New Hampshire adopts the Maine law, or Maine adopts New Hampshire laws. It’s not a question of if, but when.

 Does any of this make sense? I don’t think it does. This is just the government coming in and taking away rights from the parents and handing them over to the government. Parental rights are being eroded over time and it really is a scary situation that will be developing over the coming years if we don’t reverse it.

 Liberals hide under the mantra of “think about the children”, and “do it for the children”, I ask you, does this look or sound like it is good for the children?

 Where have we gone as a nation when a parent’s rights have been eroded to this point? When the schools can decide that your 11 year old is old enough for sex? When your daughter can have an abortion and you have no right to know?

 We need to stop liberalism in it’s tracks, we need to…… it for the children.

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  1. October 18, 2007 12:15 pm

    It’s enough to make your head spin, isn’t it?


  2. evan elliott permalink
    May 14, 2008 1:54 pm

    To any ear that will hear ;
    I need help. I dont have enough resources to hire a qualified attorney. Im hoping that you may be able to point me in the right direction.
    I am currently involved in a close friends wickedly twisted custody battle. Her ex-spouse has a tally sheat a mile long of domestic abuse, drunk & disorderly conduct, and has violated the imposed protection order on numerous occasions. However, his father is an ex-city police detective as well as a church decon.
    The child in subject is an 11 yr old boy. The public school he is currently attending has been pulling him out of classes to attend counceling sessions without the permission or knowledge of the custodial parent. The child shared this information with me and asked that I not tell his mother. He infomed me that his counselor at school told him that he could go to live with his father immediatly as long as his father had no criminal record that reflected drugs or drug activity.
    This is not the first time that the school has stepped outside
    their duty recently. However, I dont wish to comment right now any further. I need to know how to effectively expose the school administration for undermining the custodial parent’s decissions concerning the boy and his best interest.
    I thought the role of teachers and public school officials was to teach, not aid one parent against another.
    Any advice at all will be appreciated.
    Thank you, E.S.E



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