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President Bush, One Year Left and Counting

January 22, 2008

george-w-bush-picture.jpg This post is my contribution to the WPBA group post. The WPBA group post was an idea conceived by in2thefray, it is a collection of wordpress bloggers who agreed to post on January 20th as President Bush entered his final year as president. This is a diverse group of bloggers with varying opinions and you can read the other posts here. As you can see I am two days late and I apologize.

 I thought that I would use this post to highlight what I feel have been President Bush’s positives, and also his negatives.

 I will start with a few negatives.

No child left behind

 When President Bush took office the country was sharply divided. After all of the Clinton scandals, followed by a bitter, close, and controversial election in 2000 President-elect Bush promised to be a uniter. To show he was going to try to unite the country he reached across the aisle and teamed with the likes of Ted Kennedy for no child left behind. I am not saying that no child left behind is a negative in itself, what I am saying is that George Bush showed his naivety when it comes to dealing with the left. By extending an olive branch to the other side he wasn’t seen as a uniter, he was seen by the left as having weakness. When a conservative negotiates any position with a liberal, the conservative becomes more liberal by definition. This was a time when President Bush could have pushed through a conservative agenda and he missed his opportunity.


 President Bush has never seen a spending bill he didn’t like. Not including the defense spending (which I am all for) the deficit and spending have increased exponentially. By spreading “compassionate conservatism” he has increased spending to all time highs.


 This by far in my opinion is the biggest negative in President Bush’s portfolio. This immigration amnesty bill was a disaster in the making. Thank God this was defeated. The American people spoke up and the bill was stalled. Just remember all you Republicans out there who are voting for McCain, he and Ted Kennedy sponsored this bill. If the unforeseen happens and hell freezes over and McCain becomes president, this bill will be back. Sorry about getting sidetracked, back on point now. I really just can’t understand how a President who is great on national security (I will get to that) can’t understand that the borders need to be secured for national security reasons. While we fight to keep terrorists overseas our borders remain open, I just don’t get it.

 Now for the positives.

Tax cuts and rebates

In order to stave of the coming Clinton recession, President Bush cut taxes and handed out tax rebates. This stimulated the economy and held off recession and actually grew the economy. When people get to keep the money they earn, they will spend it and keep the economy growing. Democrats have been promising to roll back the Bush tax cuts if they are elected. Rolling back tax cuts is just a polite way to say that they are going to raise taxes.

 Proof that the Democrats have been distorting the facts about the Bush tax cuts has come in the last week. With the economy slowing down and a possible recession on the way the president introduced a new plan to stimulate the economy. This plan includes more tax cuts and rebates. Democrats are now on board with these latest tax cuts. Why, because they know that tax cuts help the economy. They have just proved George Bush’s tax cuts had worked even though they have promised to repeal them.

War on terror/national defense

 President Bush promised to go after, capture or kill those who attacked us on September 11th. He has kept this promise and has kept us from being attacked again. While Bin Laden may or may not still be alive, he and his network have been crippled. I admire the fact that while the support for the war has waned and President Bush’s approval rating seems to hit new lows every week, he hasn’t been swayed by it. He just keeps carrying on in his belief that he is doing what is right. Some may call this arrogant, foolhardy, pigheaded, and against the will of the American people. In fact many have. I don’t. You can’t run a war based on polls, you run a war based on reports from your generals. You fight to win. President Bush has never wavered from this goal even in the face of the fiercest critisism that any president may have ever seen. He has been called a dictator, a fascist, a muderer, and the names go on and on. But he has never lost focus of the end game, and that is to fight the terrorists and defeat them.

 I only hope the next president will take as seriously as President Bush the threats we face every day from the Islamo-fascists, and more seriously than the president before him did.

Supreme Court Judges

 Here is where I think the lasting Bush legacy could really lie. It has flown under the radar but Justice Alito and Chief Justice Roberts may be President Bush’s greatest victory for conservatism for many, many years to come. Long after the war is over, and the next president is sworn in, and even the president after that, Justices Alito and Roberts will still be on the bench. In the end, supreme court justices have the power to shape the country’s future for years. President Bush was able to get two very good constructionist, originalist, constitutionalist judges who will interpret the constitution, and will rule on whether laws are constitutional instead of legislating from the bench. 

 This, I believe, is President Bush’s greatest accomplishment.

 So as you can see, I do have a couple of issues with the president that I disagree with, but for the most part I agree with him. President Bush has probably faced more hatred and contempt than any other president in recent memory. Perhaps I just pay closer attention now, or perhaps the internet has just opened up many more opportunities for individuals to express themselves and that is why I see more hatred for this president than most others. But I don’t think so.

 I truly believe that one day in the future, the world will look back on President Bush with more kindness than he was ever given during his presidency. He will be judged well by history. He will be proven right. Political Blogger Alliance

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  1. January 23, 2008 1:38 am

    Well said!! I especially loved your last paragraph:

    “I truly believe that one day in the future, the world will look back on President Bush with more kindness than he was ever given during his presidency. He will be judged well by history. He will be proven right.”

    I truly believe that history will judge Bush as one of our best presidents, and far better than how he is being treated now.

    I also have to say that some of our conservative Bush bashers really upset me. I stopped listening to Laura Ingraham for awhile because she has been extremely hard on Bush. I finally tuned into her today to give her another chance and I wasn’t listening for but 5 minutes and she was trashing him. I think I’m done listening to Laura Ingraham.


  2. Gary permalink
    January 23, 2008 9:59 am

    Hello mpinkeyes,

    I believe you are spot on for the majority of this post.

    No Child Left Behind – Education wise, this was a big mistake. All it accomplished was bringing the level of education lower. To make certain no child is left behind they have to reduce the curriculum to the lowest common denominator. Which does the opposite of what most countries do. It marginalizes or bores to death the truly intelligent who could be a major future help to the country.

    Spending – I agree. I think all of Washington failed math class. They were left behind.

    Immigration – Seeing as my wife is from the Philippines and we are still in this process 4 years later, I can tell you the exact reform needed. They need to reform their training staff and stop changing the rules. Most of the employees at all levels are confused to no end as to what the rules are. Leave the rules alone and actually enforce them. And teach the staff what the rules are. I had to get my Rep. involved because a service center didn’t agree on 2 pages of their rules. The total amount of pages that applied to us – 2 pages.

    War on Terror / etc. – Possibly could be tied to the spending as a knock. But let history be the judge.

    Tax cuts are always good. Now if they could reduce the tax code from 65,000 pages to 1000, the country would be better off and a batch of lawyers would be out of work.

    Supreme Court – Two major thumbs up.

    Good job all in all



  3. in2thefray permalink
    January 23, 2008 2:33 pm

    Two days late but I’m still giving it two thumbs up. Thanks for participating and again great post.


  4. January 23, 2008 9:43 pm

    Dee, Thanks. It will be interesting to see how he is judged. I think over years historians will realize he was right, they will also wonder how Americans became so short-sighted and self-obsorbed to realize the fight we were in.
    Gary, it must be so frustrating to you and your wife to try to do things the right way only to be met with so many obsticles while people who don’t follow the rules have everything handed to them. I hope the two of you someday finally get everything finalized.
    in2thefray, thanks. This was fun, I hope you come up with another topic for us to try this with again. You can count me in.


  5. January 24, 2008 2:10 am

    OK… well… let me be the first voice of reason for those who have commented thus far to this post.

    1) NO, not by a long shot will Bush be judged kindly by history.
    No President, in the history of America, has been so woefully inept and purposefully polarizing.

    2) No President has willfully violated international law to the extent Bush has.

    3) No President has singularly focused the breadth and width of his administration on the whims of corporate interest the what that Bush has.

    4) No President has expanded the power and misdirection of the Federal government the to the extent that President Bush has.

    5) No President has been “dead wrong” on matters relating to National Security and terrorism to the extent that President Bush has.

    6) No President has managed to negate reason and intelligence to the extent that President Bush has.

    7) No President has managed to degrade the functionality and effectiveness of the US Military to the extent that President Bush has.

    8) No President has worked to institutionalize the power and influence of America’s corporate elite to the extent that President Bush has.

    9) No President has managed to (successfully) advance the notions of 1 branch of American government over another, the way that Bush has. With the help of 6 years of Congressional lapdogs, he has managed to successfully usurp the powers of the Legislative and Judicial Branches of American government into the Executive Branch, to an extent that would envy Nazi Germany. “Checks and balances” be damned.

    10) And probably most importantly, you must learn to separate your conservative bias from what is good for America. To suggest that Bush’s Supreme Court nominations are his most important accomplishments tells me only 1 thing: That you’re willing to dispose of what’s “good for America” to advance what you perceive to be “good for conservatives”. Try taking a look at the Constitution for a change. And try balancing what is “good for America” with the notions of Bush and his Supreme Court appointments as a whole. If you perform that simple exercise, you’ll probably disappoint yourself.

    Bush is, without a doubt in my mind, the worst President in the history of our wonderful Country. And there is ZERO chance that history looks kindly upon this administration.


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