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New Television Ad Targets Al Gore’s Global Warming Hypocrisy

March 12, 2008

algorexmb10409100823-big.jpg It seems as though Al Gore’s contrived, made-for-profit environmental crisis may be losing some steam. At least I hope so. A new national ad campaign is targeting Al Gore’s hypocrisy when it comes to saving the planet. Usually this type of ad campaign is relegated to people running for office. But in this case, Al Gore and his stupid ecochondriac environmental policies are so dangerous to average Americans, because of the money it will cost them, that advertising is now being run to try to save us from economy stalling tax policies hidden as environmental carbon offsets that Al Gore would have us pay.

Much like Eliot Spitzer, Al Gore doesn’t hold himself to the same standards he holds others to.

The advertisement begins with the sound of a chain being pulled and video of a light bulb coming on. “Here’s the electricity we use at home,” a male narrator says.

The bulb then goes dark as four rows of five bulbs come on behind it. “Al Gore uses 20 times as much,” the narrator continues,

Pictures of the former vice president with celebrities who are also global warming activists – such as actor Leonardo DiCaprio and comedian Larry David with his wife, Laurie, who produced Gore’s film, “An Inconvenient Truth” – then fill the screen.

“Mr. Gore’s friends use lots of energy, too, but Al Gore wants to cut our energy use, putting our jobs and our future in jeopardy,” the male voice states. “Mr. Gore’s future, on the other hand, couldn’t be brighter.

“We depend on reliable, affordable energy for our food, our transportation, our homes,” the narrator continues. “It’s the best protection we have against the hazards of life, and it’s even more important to people elsewhere who are struggling to survive, to break out of the prison of poverty.

“For them, affordable energy is something to hope for and something to celebrate,” he says as a video shows the people in Pignon, Haiti, cheering the arrival of that town’s first streetlight in February 2005.

“But what will happen to that hope if we restrict energy use?” the narrator asks.

“Some people may have a bright future,” he continues, as an image of Gore in a tuxedo fills the screen. “But don’t kid yourself – without affordable energy, hundreds of millions of people won’t have any future at all,” the narrator concludes as the original light bulb re-appears and then goes dark.

 Al Gore is making millions off of this global warming scam and it is great to see a conservative group going after him. He must stop this see-through rhetoric, and let us everyday working class Americans live our lives instead of telling us how to live our lives while he leads a totally different lifestyle.

“Here you’ve got one of the wealthiest, most well-connected and powerful personalities around, and he literally cannot go by a single minute of the day without relying on the exact sort of energy that he wants everyone else to cut down on,” Kazman said.

“The question is: If he can’t do it, is it something we really want for humanity?” Kazman asked.

 The answer to that question is simple, it doesn’t matter what he can or can’t do, he knows what is best for us so we must live the way he tells us to. Just don’t expect him to do the same. Just because it is best for us, doesn’t mean it is best for him.

 Read more here.

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  1. March 13, 2008 7:14 am

    Greetings of peace
    I have seen his film “An Inconvenient Truth”, he sounds to me quite reasonable. His assertions were quite logical and worth to ponder over.
    He gives evidences. Why is “global warming” is being called as a hysteria? We all can see it perhaps.
    But I would also like to know about the grounds you are criticizing him…

    Greetings of peace


  2. Sandi Williams permalink
    March 13, 2008 7:26 am

    Global warming is normal as is global cooling. The sun runs our climate. Carbon dioxide is NOT pollution. The reality is, with global warming, farming is more productive.

    Yes we need alternative energy .. oil has too much political influence. But no we do not need a carbon tax.

    The inconvenient truth is that Gore’s film was sexed up considerably .. keep an open mind .. go to any search engine and type in global warming hoax and learn the truth .. that we are actually starting a period of global cooling .


  3. March 13, 2008 8:28 am

    global warming is not being caused by humans!.!. it is a scam to try and pass another tax on the people “carbon tax” global warming is normal as will it be when global cooling takes place.


  4. fish permalink
    March 13, 2008 8:59 am

    global warming is an outright lie! A FABRICATION! There is absolutely NO evidence that global warming is caused by human activity, and HE KNOW IT! Don’t be fooled by OIL BARON AL GORE! Don’t be fooled by the Queen of England who’s saying the same thing, while England publicly chooses to go back to COAL BURNING for THEIR energy. Global warming is a complete fraud perpetrated on the general public by the global elitists so that they can steal MORE of your money. Here’s the truth… the ice-caps are melting… yes. They’re also melting on MARS!!! This is the SUN, and there is a HUGE CONSENSUS of scientists around the GLOBE who are saying exactly what I’m saying. Stop believing the LIES perpetrated by the controlled mass media, and look it up for yourself, instead of just following the party line. These are the SAME people who brought you this phoney war on terror for the purposes of PROFIT and to lock down YOU in the name of security. But it’s all profit. PERIOD… END OF STORY


  5. Ray permalink
    March 13, 2008 9:10 am

    A few facts:

    1. The Maya calendar is 51,982 years long. Our solar system bobs up and down every 51,982 years in the galactic plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. Isn’t it something that a people over a thousand years ago knew our position in the Galaxy?

    2. The Sun is a charged quadrapole, (4 poles) divide the Maya year by 4 and you have 13,000 years roughly. Every 13,000 years the magnetic pole of the Earth shifts as it goes through the magnetic positions of the Sun.

    3. The Earth is a motor powered by cosmic energy from the Sun. As our solar system comes to the end of the galactic oscillation on 12/12/2012 when it will reverse direction.

    If you reverse the direction of an electric motor, the motor heats up due to higher resistance and CEMF (counter electromotive force) The three days of darkness result from the back EMF (cold electricity) caused by the reversal.

    4. A UN tax on the people of the earth will not change that.

    5. At the end of every 13,000 year cycle, ET’s rescue people from Earth to re-seed the planet with humanity. The Hon tribe of China (the smallest people on Earth) trace their history back to a spacecraft crash 13,000 years ago during the last rescue. They survived by climbing into high mountain caves.

    6. Once you shed the magical thinking and read an older Bible that has not been edited too much, you will read how 5 Gods got together and created man. These are the 5 ET’s races that travel our solar system.

    And I could go on all day with proof of what I just said.

    7. Gore is a billionare. They are planning to destroy 5/6ths of the Earth’s population prior to the “rapture”. In order to do that, they need to create a one world government. This consolidation is well underway with the EU and coming Amero group.

    8. The US is targeted for destruction as we are the wolves from all over the world. That is why aspartame, MSG, fluoride, DEA, cancer causing flue shots, etc. are being delivered to the population through the food supply and medical system.

    By lowering the IQ through excitotoxin induced neuron destruction, it will be easier for them to to get the believers to cooperate in their mutual destruction.

    9. Nothing has killed more people throughout history than famine. The food shortages resulting from methanol conversion of the corn crops in not going into your gas tank, it is going into your food supply to dumb you down.

    10. This process is known as boiling the frog. Put a frog in a pot of water and turn the heat up slowly, the frog will not try to jump out until it is too weak and will die. They are now in the process of cranking up the aspartame to finish you zombies off.

    11. The Zionist movement which is the Ashkenazi sect of the jews are behind this. The Ashkenazi are not Jews at all, read “The Thirteenth Tribe. The facts presented in the book are not in dispute. The Ashkenazi control the worlds fiat money system, mass media, most governments EXCEPT the ones the US and it’s master Israel want war with.

    This is where the Masons that control the US get the 13 that they incorporate into everything. This and other things are what their secret knowledge is based on.

    12. It is no accident that has been estimated that their are 450 billion galaxies in the universe and 450 billion cells in your body. I can prove with trillions to one odds of being correct the following.

    You live on a charged particle (The Earth) which is located in an atom (the Sun) which is located in a cell (The Milky Way Galaxy – now we are up to something you can observe in both a telescope and microscope. Both flat platelett shaped) Which is located in a corpuscle which is located in the chest in the body of god. (The universe) You are a copy of that universe. As above, as below. -Yeshua AKA Jesus Christ. An implanted ET hybrid.


  6. Dave permalink
    March 13, 2008 11:54 am

    All of this is blasphemy when talking to the members of the First Antioch Baptist Global Warming Church of Al Gore.

    “IT’S PROVEN BY SCIENCE!” they’ll shreik.

    Uh-huh. The same “science” that said smoking menthol cigarettes would freshen your breath and treat your lungs to a visit to a cool mountain top and all the health benefits thereunto pertaining?

    The same “science” that claimed until very recently that white people were somehow genetically and morally superior to all theother races?

    The same “science” that claimed that shocking the holy bejesus out of people’s brains in the mental institution could “cure” them of their illness?

    Yeah. Science “proves” humans are responsible for global warming. Yeah. “Science.” LOL.


  7. Peter W permalink
    March 13, 2008 1:43 pm

    Global warming and environmentalism are distractions. As the mass media creates climate illusions, Big Brother clamps down by opening our mail, suspending habeas corpus, stealing private lands, banning books like “America Deceived” from Amazon, rigging elections, conducting warrantless wiretaps and starting wars based on blatant lies. Prevent our loss of rights then handle the environment.
    Last link (before Google Books bends to gov’t Will and drops the title):


  8. March 13, 2008 5:33 pm

    It’s about time. More people need to be made aware, and if that means reaching people through the boob tube, then all the better.

    Personally I can’t wait until the media starts some sort of surreal power struggle when sides start being taken on this issue. Gore may claim consensus but the media ebbs and flows with culture.


  9. March 13, 2008 8:01 pm

    That is probably the best way to get the message to people. I am glad to see a group finally start getting the word out there. I am also presently surprised that all who have commented here, other than the first comment, have agreed with me. Maybe the tide will begin to turn as people take a closer look at this “crisis”
    Shoaib Ali, I am critisizing him because he is no scientist, he is a politician. He is either exaggerating the truth, or lying about global warming in order to create a tax that benefits a company that he founded.


  10. Deb permalink
    March 14, 2008 2:56 pm

    And now the owner of The Weather Channel wants to sue Algore for fraud. And you know the MSM is going to try and make him look even crazier than Al Gore. I think Al believed it when he heard the phrase, “I have the SUN in my pocket”. Freak! Don’t outlaw electroshock therapy just yet, we have one more patient for nurse Ratched.


  11. March 14, 2008 8:37 pm

    I saw that about the Weahter Channel founder today. I will be posting about that later.


  12. March 16, 2008 8:38 pm

    Hum… You serious here? Who paid for that ad you like to quote?… Gore might be a bigot, but that doesn’t distract from the bigger question of global warming and the impact of that. Or do you believe the earth is flat. No. Please don’t answer that.
    Where I am willing to agree is that people should get off their high horse and stop calling everything “eco-friendly” or green. Come on. You gonna suck on the back of that Prius? Still bad for you – just better than the alternative.


  13. March 16, 2008 9:09 pm

    I don’t believe the earth is flat, and I don’t believe it is warming either.
    Don’t you wonder why the leading voice on global warming is a politician and not a scientist. Considering politicians make a living on taking our money away from us it should make you nervous.


  14. Mad Bluebird permalink
    December 6, 2008 11:50 am

    Its good to see someone take AL GORE to task for his lies and hypocracy i mean have you seen some of the stupid ads for those silly water purifer pitchers especialy from BRITTA and RUR that stupid bottle of talking water one must wonder what they have been snuffing up their noses before they made these annoying ads


  15. Flu-Bird permalink
    February 18, 2009 1:25 am

    Those extremly rediculous ads from ENVIROMENTAL DEFENSE using kids about this GLOBAL WARMING poppycock bull kaka i mean uncalled for these green freaks know no bit of rotten lies


  16. Rene Calhoun permalink
    April 12, 2009 3:13 pm

    Unless they are 100% sure that Global Warming Is Going to Destroy our World, these actions could actually do more harm then good, both to our economies and to the environment.

    Apparently Mr. Obama’s new science adviser said that global warming is so dire, the Obama administration is discussing radical technologies to cool Earth’s air, such as shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays, even though it could have grave side effects or using so-called artificial trees to suck carbon dioxide—the chief human-caused greenhouse gas—out of the air and store it. (Funny – I believe this is the approach Dyson was heckled for suggesting.)

    Go to the proceeding of recent summit of the International Conference on Climate Change – – Global warming trend has stopped and last 5 years temperatures have been falling. Scientists all over the world are making note of this. It appears polar bears are increasing AND in 5 of last 7 decades global cooling has continued despite an increase CO2.

    I had heard that one of the reasons might be related to sun spots and it turns out that sunspots are historically correlated with temperature on earth. When the number of sunspots is low, the earth’s climate turns cold, possibly for decades. And that appears to be what is happening.

    The problem is: If we are in a period of low sunspot activity and global cooling, then the changes demanded by Warmists, especially the conversion of crops to fuel use or what they are now suggesting could do a lot of harm, and I would think that what this administration is now suggesting could have disastrous consequences.



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