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Geraldine Ferraro Resigns, But Why?

March 13, 2008

 I have not weighed in as of yet, nor did I intend to, on Geraldine Ferraro’s supposed racist comments, but this is just too juicy to pass up any longer. This is what the former vice presidential candidate had to say:

“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman of any color he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”

 This was naturally perceived by the politically correct left, and by opportunistic people on the right, to be racially motivated. After all, she made almost these same exact comments about Jesse Jackson many years earlier. She has a history here.

 Has anybody stopped to ask the question “could this be true?” Let’s be honest here, Barack Obama has no qualifications to be president, so why is he so popular? He became a United States senator just three years ago, and halfway through his term he has abandoned his duties to the senate to run for a job he is clearly not ready for. Yet he continues to build momentum. Why? It can’t be his record, he has none. He abstained, or voted present to all of the controversial bills that he faced so that he would not be on record.

 Obama is an empty suit with no plan, just rhetoric. He says nothing, but he says it well. So there must be something that he has in his favor. Could it possibly be that if he was just another white man running for president he would already have pulled out of the race? I find this extremely plausible. Surely Dodd, Biden, Edwards, and Kucinich were far more qualified than he, yet they are long gone. Why?

 So why then must a person resign for saying something that they believe to be true? That is where I wanted to focus this post. Why should a person have to resign for saying anything? Do we not have the right to free speech? We used to, but the Democrats have pushed this whole political correctness bullshit down our throats for about twenty years now. Somehow over the course of the last twenty years we have become a society that allows free speech, but only as long as it doesn’t offend anybody. How free is that for free speech? It doesn’t seem so free to me.

 Political correctness was designed by liberals to limit free speech to speech that is non offensive, but who is to decide what is offensive? By limiting what someone can say by limiting all offensive speech, we create this supposed Utopian country where speech is controlled under the guise of political correctness. The problems we are no longer allowed to talk about have not been solved, they are just hidden because we can’t talk about them.

 Republicans have long been stereotyped as being bigoted and sexist, now one of the left’s own is falling prey to the political correctness mindthink of the left, and it is not going over well. How can this happen to the party that supposedly cares so much about political correctness?

 The left has sensitised Americans to the point that nobody knows what is acceptable anymore. The Clinton campaign is trying desperately to attack Obama, yet they are scared to death that they will be branded as racists for attacking him. Liberals are falling into the politically correct trap that they themselves have been setting for all of these years.

 Liberals never dreamed that political correctness would come back to haunt them, after all they are the ones who promise black voters that they will take care of them. They promise minorities the world and deliver nothing. Yet minorities keep voting for Democrats, and Democrats keep failing them. But they keep promising them they will take care of them. Democrats love minorities, that is a fact, however they like their minorities poor and dependent on government for survival. Just search the liberal blogs about Condi Rice and you will see some of the most despicable comments about this successful black woman that you can imagine. Barack Obama is a minority, but he is a successful minority, he threatens them because he does not need them.

 This is why they are having so many problems with Obama. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has done it’s best to keep reminding voters that Obama is black.

 Democrats are attacking each other over this. Keith Oberman said that Hillary was acting like Barack was the Democrat and she was the Republican because her campaign is now percieved as racist. How ignorant, and stereotypical is that comment? And how downright insulting is that type of comment to conservatives? That is what conservatives have been dealing with all these years. 

 They are falling into their own trap. For so long Republicans have had to apologise for benign statements that have been made, now Democrats are beginning to understand also how much of a restriction on free speech they have made.

 Was what Ferraro said racist? Was a simple question worth her resignation? Was it the truth? All of these are viable questions, but nobody dares to ask them. Why? Because political correctness denies us the right to ask such questions.

 Is this right? Not in my opinion, but as they say, what comes around goes around. And it has finally come around, it is too fun to watch.

 Ferraro is a victim of the political correct mindset that she and other liberals have fostered over the years.

 By the way, if Hillary wasn’t a woman, would she still be in the race?

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  1. March 13, 2008 6:59 pm

    I disagree. Even if you agree with Ferraro’s comments, the facts don’t back them up as Barack has done well across the board with both races, genders as well as independents and moderates. How could that all be because he’s black? Blacks only account for 12% of the makeup of this country and how does Ferraro explain previous Black candidates who havent nearly approached Obama’s success. Like him or not, people seem to be more in tune with Barack’s message of “change” (wiping out the old-guard politician) and one cant ignore the anti-Billary factor, after all, she is by far the most divisive candidate out there and everyone said that even when she was holding 20-point leads in the polls. Ferraro is a white, liberal elitist who belittled Obama and his campaign, she’s so dumb she couldn’t even figure out how her comments got picked up by the mainstream press. She felt compelled to resign because even her handlers had to know that with an important PA primary coming up, her still being attached to Billary wouldnt look good to voters.


  2. March 13, 2008 7:45 pm

    Interesting perspective on this. In this stage of the campaign people will react very strongly to any sort of comment that can be taken as negative.. NYPost had an interesting article on this as well in their recent news stories section.


  3. David permalink
    March 13, 2008 9:38 pm

    So far I have read this and your comments on Obama’s “reverend”, and it is almost verbatim of how I feel. Cleanly and concisely presented. Well done.


  4. March 13, 2008 9:40 pm

    Thanks, David!


  5. staycspits permalink
    March 13, 2008 10:01 pm for further Ferraro analysis.


  6. Deb permalink
    March 14, 2008 3:00 pm

    Ferraro is just saying anything she can to stick up for her girl. She loves Hillary. And I mean it. IF you know what I mean, AND I think you do……


  7. March 14, 2008 8:36 pm

    Are you saying Hillary is a lesbian? 😉


  8. March 17, 2008 9:50 pm

    I found these comments offensive. I am a black woman. I went to a top notch school, work for a top notch company and have faced comments like this in my field. I didn’t even think I got into school on AA. I try not to mark my race most of the time. I went to an engineering magnet that had standards that far surpassed normal public schools. Skipped one grade, started high school courses a year early and college courses at 14. I definitely deserved to get into the top school I went to. Yet, men in my university courses told me I was there and would get a job because I “[am a woman and black]”. So none of my achievements matter? I’ve been writing software since middle school and I’m only an AA child? I’m only where I am because I’m black?

    Bill Clinton and other presidents didn’t have so-called years of experience and yet became president. Look at Mr. Bush! A former cocaine addict and alcoholic! I’m yet to hear Sen. Clinton’s extensive POLITICAL experience. I guess if I ever run for office I should count every volunteering experience and job since university as experience. Does babysitting as a teen count? Cause that showed how responsible I am. I can be trusted with babies, folks! 🙂

    Seriously people, why do we want people who have been in politics forever? Aren’t they the problem? How many of us did not think it would be cool to be president? Do we really want only people entrenched in the corrupt political system to succeed? Don’t we all secretly hope for some “political outsider” to come and do what we the people want?

    This tells me people prefer the system the way it is and I find that disheartening. I think Obama got all the votes he got because people like him. Ms. Ferrero made some comments I disagree with but the aftermath was just stupid. The media has nothing better to do with its time. I mean, an intelligent analysis of anything is just too difficult these days.

    I do loathe pc-ness…going to a “liberal” university gave me more pc-ness than I care for. What’s with people calling black people African American? I can actually claim that (as can my parents since they are African) and I have lived in Africa.

    mrpinkeyes, if you are interested in getting a somewhat conservative “black opinion” on anything let me know. Not all of us are for AA, retribution, etc. And I get the feeling from some posters on your blog that people associate blacks with welfare, Affirmative action and a sense of entitlement (I have known). If you saw my other post about feeling angry from being a victim of racism, I think that many US blacks must feel angry and that they have no chance. Helplessness and anger lead to rage! All of us who have experienced rage at any point probably felt extremely frustrated/helpless and angry at the same time. It’s the difference between “mad” and “rage”. I think dependent attitudes are sometimes taught and reinforced, including by churches encouraging people to “trust Jesus” to fix everything….I actually walked out of a church when someone “testified” that prayer helped her after 12 years of financial problems. Seriously? People need a little wisdom, basic knowledge, and a sense of empowerment.

    shameless plug:



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