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Masssachusetts Governor Passes a Bill That Benefits his Wife’s Company

April 26, 2008

 It was bad enough when Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick decided to go to New York and sign a million dollar book deal on the day that the staple of his budget plan, casinos in Massachusetts, was being debated and ultimately shot down by the man who really runs Massachusetts, Sal Dimasi, instead of fighting for it. This left Massachusetts with a $73 million dollar budget shortfall.

 Then came word that a massive tax hike was passed to help with the budget deficit that Patrick was too busy signing that book deal to worry about.

 Now we have this report from the Boston Herald. You would think that signing a million dollar book deal on the state’s dime would be good enough for the governor, but no. Governor Patrick let a controversial bill slip into law. A bill that he supposedly opposed. This bill could potentially bring in more revenue to the Patrick household.

Gov. Deval Patrick’s household could financially benefit from a controversial wage bill he allowed to slip into law – even though he criticized the legislation’s potential unfairness to businesses.

But some business executives, who generally opposed the legislation, have expressed bitterness that lawyers, including Diane Patrick, could benefit from what they fear will be an explosion in wage-dispute litigation due to the new law.

“It’s the irony of it,” said one business leader of Diane Patrick’s name on the Ropes & Gray “contact” letter.

 Now that is just too good. The law goes into effect and Deval Patick’s wife’s company sends out contact letters the next day with her name on them. Come one, come all, step right up, get in line, Dianne Patrick is here to help you (for a small fee.)

 The part that is the most bothersome is the way this bill became law. Governor Patrick didn’t have the stones to take action on it. He refused to either sign or veto the bill so it became law. He knew that by taking no action this bill would become law, so in effect he signed it by not signing it. He was too cowardly to put his name on it because of the rewards his wife will gain. Yet he was too cowardly to veto it also. By taking no action we now where he stands. Once again the governor is lining his pockets.

  This shows a true lack of leadership by the man elected to lead the state of Massachusetts. A controversial issue comes up and Deval Patrick lays asleep at the wheel as the bill becomes law without his signature. Typical, he is much like New Hampshire Governor John Lynch in this regard. When a controversial bill comes up in New Hampshire, Governor Lynch refuses to say if he is for it or against it. He usually then signs it in hiding so there will be nobody protesting. Another man with a lack of leadership qualities.

 Somewhere Mitt Romney is laughing his well-coiffed head off.


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  1. Deb permalink
    April 26, 2008 4:03 pm

    Well, he is going to need that extra $$ when he moves to Washington ( if his pal gets in, of course.)


  2. April 27, 2008 1:16 am

    This is my question and maybe you can answer it.

    Why don’t we impeach him.

    This is an impeachable offense. I think if we enact the power of impeachment we the people have been given, this stupid self-centered idiocy would stop.

    Sorry. That came out a little stronger then I meant it to. I just wish the people we vote fore would think about us instead of their own self-serving interests.


  3. April 27, 2008 10:07 am

    I guess that is one good thing that would come out of an Obama presidency, at least for Massachusetts, Deb.
    Dominique, I don’t know if Massachusetts has either a recall or impeachment provision in the state constitution, but it probably doesn’t matter anyway. We are talking about the people who keep electing Ted Kennedy and John Kerry even though they have done nothing.
    Ted Kennedy blames the president for the high cost of oil (even though Ted owns an oil company) and claims we need alternative energy, then when a windfarm is proposed on his precious Martha’s Vineyard he opposes it because it will ruin his view. This man is a hypocrit of the worst kind.
    Wow, how did I go off on that tangent?



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