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San Francisco May Name Sewage Plant After President Bush

October 19, 2008

 I have to admit, this is pretty funny. It made me laugh when I read it. San Francisco may name a sewage treatment plant after President Bush.

San Francisco’s Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant may soon become the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

 The idea was hatched over drinks one night and isn’t expected to go anywhere, the Bush haters can’t stand to have anything named after him. Even something that would be considered an insult to him.

 As recently as a month ago I would have gone off on “San Francisco liberals” and that they were just full of hatred and anger towards the president. I probably would have said that it was time for them to get a life and get over it. I would have felt the urge to defend him, even against something as trivial as this.

 Than was then, this is now. After the government takeover of the economy and the banking system I no longer have the desire or the will to defend him.

 Let the ribbon cutting ceremony begin.

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