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Government Computers Used to Get “Joe the Plumber’s” Personal Information

October 25, 2008

Cross posted on Grizzly Groundswell

 Shortly after the debate that made “Joe the Plumber” famous his whole personal life seemed to had been made public. We learned quite a bit about him as the left and the media decided they needed to bring him down. It now appears as though government computers were used to get some of Joe’s personal data.

“State and local officials are investigating if state and law-enforcement computer systems were illegally accessed when they were tapped for personal information about “Joe the Plumber.”

Public records requested by The Dispatchdisclose that information on Wurzelbacher’s driver’s license or his sport-utility vehicle was pulled from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles database three times shortly after the debate.

Information on Wurzelbacher was accessed by accounts assigned to the office of Ohio Attorney General Nancy H. Rogers, the Cuyahoga County Child Support Enforcement Agency and the Toledo Police Department.

It has not been determined who checked on Wurzelbacher, or why. Direct access to driver’s license and vehicle registration information from BMV computers is restricted to legitimate law enforcement and government business.

They are not sure why the information on Joe was wanted? Come on. Right after the debate his personal data was stolen and we know that this story was beneficial to John McCain. Joe the plumber was helping John McCain gain some traction, he found an angle that he could pursue, and we are supposed to believe that nobody knows why his information was stolen.

 Paul Lindsay, Ohio spokesman for the McCain campaign, attempted to portray the inquiries as politically motivated. “It’s outrageous to see how quickly Barack Obama’s allies would abuse government power in an attempt to smear a private citizen who dared to ask a legitimate question,” he said.

 He is exactly right. Barack Obama went to Joe the plumber’s house, Joe did not go to see Obama. Joe was not sent by McCain to ask Obama a question. God forbid anyone ask Obama a question that he isn’t prepared for. It is essential to remember in this incident that it was Barack Obama that knocked on good ole Joe’s door. That is the part that the media is forgetting. We learned more information in 24 hours about Joe the plumber than we have learned during the campaign about Barack Obama’s shady past from the mainstream media. This man was minding his own business one day and when Obama accidentally made him famous, and it didn’t favor Obama, it was determined that Joe must be destroyed. I could almost understand this mindset if Joe was a plant sent by McCain, but he wasn’t. He wasn’t seeking the spotlight, he was a private citizen, and that is why it is of the utmost importance to remember that this man did nothing to warrant the harassment that has been bestowed upon him by the left and their willing accomplices in the mainstream media.

 Did you notice that the first sentence of the quote above even tries to spin the issue? The article portrays the McCain campaign as trying to spin the use of government computers as being politically motivated. The sentence uses the phrase, “attempted to portray”, in other words the article is saying, “this is what McCain is trying to say”, which to me means they don’t believe it.

And all this time we were told that it was President Bush who was trampling the constitution, spying on our every move, and listening to all of our private conversations. This is foreboding of what is to come under a Barack Obama presidency. No critics will be safe.

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3 Comments leave one →
  1. Deb permalink
    October 25, 2008 8:31 am

    Idiots. What did they think? Joe was going to turn out to be a russian spy? you can’t “ruin” a regular guy. I just hope thye leave him be soon. I’m sure all this hoopla is getting on his nerves. Neil Cavuto was asking him questions as if he were a pundit! He is a smart guy, anyway— so I’m sure he can handle it. Too bad though now he cannot really speak his mind. I would like to say, you’re not going to take my hard-earned money and give it to someone who says they are “depressed” and cannot work, or someone who keeps having babies even though they know they cannot afford it on their own. God forbid, it’s probably racist.


  2. October 26, 2008 10:48 am

    With the kind of campaign that the republicans are running, it’s a bit hypocritical to complain about smearing especially with the xenophobic attacks.



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