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Obama Denies Television Station Future Interviews After Biden was Asked Tough Questions

October 25, 2008

 Joe Biden went on WFTV in Florida for an interview. The woman conducting the interview asked Joe Biden several tough questions, ranging from Biden’s comment about an “international crisis” if Obama is elected to his “spreading the wealth” answer to Joe the plumber. All legitimate questions about Obama’s policies.

 She quoted Karl Marx and asked if Obama was a Marxist because of his “spreading the wealth around” comment. Needless to say the Obama campaign is shocked at the gall of this reporter to actually ask Biden a tough question. So shocked, in fact, that they are now not going to allow the station to interview Jill Biden who was scheduled to do an interview. They are also not going to grant the television station any more interviews until after the election. Can you image what the reaction would have been if she asked about his racist “spiritual adviser, or his “association” with a domestic terrorist?

 Add another notch in the saddle of Obama’s campaign when it comes to silencing those who dare to disagree. His campaign has an ever growing list of victims. There have been stories of “truth squads” that threaten television stations with the revocation of their FCC license, he has threatenedother stations that run ads by the NRA that are critical of him, someone had an anti-Obama writer detained in Kenya just before he was going to hold a press conference that was critical of Obama, youtube videos critical of Obama suddenly become “no longer available”, and a sheriff is even being investigated for using Obama’s middle name.

 There are several examples of Obama’s willingness to silence the opposition, and I have sighted a few here. But let’s not forget that under Barack Obama’s totalitarian government the opposition will finally be fully silenced once he re-institutes the fairness doctrine. Couple that with Obama’s stance on the second amendment and we are looking at a total change in America as we know it. He promised change and we are going to get it. But it isn’t good change.

 As America plunges into darkness and you wonder what happened just remember that America’s Watchtower stood upon the shining city on a hill and tried to warn you. But you didn’t listen. Who knows how much longer America’s Watchtower will be able to express an opinion because the fairness doctrine will carry over into the blogosphere. I, like all of Barack Obama’s critics, will be silenced.

 Here is the interview that upset Obama’s campaign and brought on the latest totalitarian attack on the freedom of the press.

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  1. Rajiv permalink
    October 25, 2008 10:28 pm

    Wow. I can see why they would not want to conduct interviews with this station…. she’s so ridiculously uninformed, treating opinion as fact, and making ridiculous non-factual correlations.


  2. Travis Henrichs permalink
    October 25, 2008 10:30 pm

    There’s a big difference between a tough question and a stupid one. It’s especially stupid when you accuse someone of being a Marxist without even knowing what Marxism is.


  3. Eric permalink
    October 25, 2008 10:35 pm

    I wouldn’t have even finished the interview. She is a moron. There wasn’t anything “tough” about it, it was just a series of accusations and her ignoring the answers.


  4. October 26, 2008 10:43 am

    Ummm… Isn’t McCain denying (especially to Palin) access to the media for similar reasons? Why is it okay for McCain and not okay for Obama?


  5. Deb permalink
    October 26, 2008 7:43 pm

    And on youtube it says the ability to comment on this video has been disabled. What is that all about? I was just shocked to see a news anchor that is not in the tank for Obama. The other comments here seem a bit defensive to me. I also think it was awkward for her when she was asking a serious question and Biden was laughing. She wasn’t ignoring him, she was trying to get a straight answer.


  6. Debbie Willumson permalink
    October 27, 2008 7:35 pm

    Has anyone ever noticed a double standard in this campaign? In this case the “Pot calling the kettle black?”, no pun intended. Why is it the Obama campaign can utilize the same “mean- spirited” “uninformed” methodology and it’s okay? Whereas McCain outs out the truth and he is labeled as “mean-spirited” and abd “uninformed”? For those who haven’t researched history, Adolf Hitler was a smooth talker, looking for change, with questionable ties, when he pushed forward the Socialist Party.
    Those who vote for Obama and get him into office are going to get wgat they deserve. As another famous person once said “As Momma always said, stupid is what stupid does.”



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