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The Bad Economy and the Need For Gun Control

April 6, 2009

  The gun control advocates, with their all too willing accomplices in the White House and in the current administration are amping up their efforts to increase gun control laws. But first they are looking for an excuse to use to begin the infringement.

  Initially the gun control advocates, certain administration officials, ie Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the house of representatives thought they had their excuse, they were attempting to use Mexican drug violence as the conduit to punish those of us who practice our second amendment right.

  The spin was, it isn’t the Mexican drug dealers fault that drug violence is up, it is our fault. America needs stricter gun control laws to stop Mexican drug violence because we are selling them 90% of the guns used in drug crimes. Well, that angle may have fallen by the wayside because as stupid of an argument as that was, it would only be a matter of time before it was disproved. It was.

  So with that lie exposed the gun control advocates have moved on to a new angle, the gist of which can be read in the first paragraph of this article:

A 22-year-man who shot and killed three Pittsburgh police officers over the weekend had been stockpiling guns and ammunition, buying and selling the weapons online “because he believed that as a result of the economic collapse, the police were no longer able to protect society,” according to a court report.

  The recent uptick in violence across the country has opened a new door for the gun control advocate to try to exploit. The new spin goes like this; with the recent downturn in the economy, and with people becoming more an more distraught, people are turning violent and committing gun related crimes. I have read a few articles and heard a few radio shows that were advancing this premise.

  The souring economy is the new Mexico in the reasoning for the need for stricter gun legislation. Those who would infringe on the second amendment know that they have the biggest enemy to the second amendment in the White House that has ever occupied that residency and they are just looking for ANY reason to begin the constitutional assault.

  Gun owners realise this also and that is why there is such a surge in gun sales since last November. Even as these efforts get underway to impose strict gun control laws, gun owners are still being assured that there is nothing to worry about and that the panic, is unwarranted:

Mr. Hamm said many people in the gun lobby have been fanning fears that the Obama administration would take guns away. “They have a lot of people running out and buying guns in a panic buy. This is unnecessary,”

  All that one has to do is read this president’s background and how he feels about the second amendment to know that there is good reason for gun owners to be leery about this president. There is no panic, this president looks to both implement stringent gun control laws and also tax the hell out of the ammunition, and because of this gun owners are buying while they still can.

  Now with the angle that the worsening economy is driving people to commit violent crimes the president, through the gun control advocates,  has found an angle that he can use to implement his radically unconstitutional views on gun ownership. This is the one part of the economy that the president has had a positive effect on.

  Instead of punishing just those who committed these horrible crimes the advocacy groups look to punish all those who own guns, even those who obey the law and have never committed a crime, other than the crime in the eyes of the gun control advocates of having the audacity (of hope) of practicing our rights which are guaranteed under the constitution.

  And the president is right there with them. The new angle has been found, we must stay vigilant.

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3 Comments leave one →
  1. April 7, 2009 12:08 am

    I find it interesting that the don’t seem to ever talk about the many, many, many criminals that are using guns to kill, steal and whatever….hmmmm


    • April 7, 2009 6:38 pm

      That is the most frustrating part. They never blame the criminals.


  2. April 8, 2009 1:37 pm

    Yeah but folks, Johnny wouldn’t have shot Joe if it was illegal to have a gun. He wouldn’t have broken the law by owning a gun, he just would have used a knife. It’s not so bad being stabbed as it is being shot.


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