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Healthcare Reform is Losing Support in Congress

June 20, 2009

  In what can only be seen as good news for the taxpayers of the United States it seems as if support for healthcare reform is waning in congress. As the cost of President Obama’s healthcare reform bill continues to rise, last estimated at $1.6 trillion and it can be expected to rise even higher, the bickering in congress has gone from partisan bickering to fighting within both parties. It appears as though this bill isn’t going to pass as easily as I had feared.

  As Democrat congressman Jim Cooper said, “All I know is that health-care reform is on life support because the Senate can’t figure out how to pay for it.” The bottom line here is that this president has already spent trillions of dollars that this country does not have, borrowing most of the money from China and the American people have had enough.

  Politicians on both sides of the aisle realize that their campaigns for re-election will shortly be underway and they also realize that  the necessary tax increases that ALL Americans will be facing to pay for this disastrous and unnecessary legislation could be their downfall in 2010.

  Nobody in congress is willing to put their seat on the line to push legislation that currently has less support now than it did when President Clinton tried to nationalize the healthcare industry.

  This bill is starting to see more and more opposition as the American taxpayers begin to realize how much it will cost them to insure the non-taxpayers in the country. Politicians are now seeing the opposition that is growing with the taxpayers and while in the end they may not give a damn about us they do give a damn about holding on to their seats.

  In the end their own lust for power may be what finally unravels the healthcare legislation. If that is what it takes to derail this bill than I am perfectly fine with the outcome. Sometimes the end does justify the means.

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