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House’s healthcare reform bill will charge a monthly abortion premium

November 5, 2009

  We have been told over and over again that there is nothing in the healthcare reform bill that would use taxpayer money to fund abortions. The Hyde amendment has been sited as proof that there will be no federally funded abortion but the Hyde amendment is attached to the appropriations portion of the bill and not to the main bill itself. This sets up a loophole that would possibly allow the government to create new agencies that would be able to use federal money to provide for abortion. And let us not forget that because the Hyde amendment is attached to the appropriations portion of the bill that it will have to be renewed every year.

  Representative Stupak has been fighting to get language added to the bill that would close any potential loophole and eliminate any chance that federal money would be used to provide for abortions. It would seem to me that if there was no potential loophole and the bill did not provide federal money for abortion that Nancy Pelosi would have no problem adding Stupak’s language, it would just be redundant language. But she has refused to do so and now we may know why.

  According to this release the House version of the bill mandates that at least one government run plan will be mandated to cover abortions. If the plan is government run that means the money to run the program comes from taxpayers, we will be funding abortions.

  But it doesn’t stop there. The healthcare reform bill also mandates that every person who is enrolled in the public option will be charged a monthly abortion premium. This premium will be used to provide abortions.

  We are being lied to by Nancy Pelosi, there will be federally funded abortions in this bill.

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