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Pro-life Democrats still vow to kill healthcare reform bill

November 5, 2009

  With the vote on the healthcare reform bill set for sometime Saturday, pro-life Democrats led by Representative Bart Stupak are still vowing to kill this bill.

  Rep. Stupak is leading a coalition of 40+ Democrats who promise to vote against the healthcare reform bill if Nancy Pelosi does not allow a vote on language that Stupak wants added to the bill to ensure that taxpayer funded abortions will not be part of the legislation. Nancy Pelosi has refused to give in and these Democrats are still holding firm in their position that they will vote against healthcare reform.

  This pro-life coalition of Democrats is our best hope that the healthcare reform bill will be stopped. So far they are talking a great game, I just hope that when the time comes for action their votes match their talk. Heavy pressure is going to be applied to them to change their vote and fall in line with the leadership. This pressure is guarenteed to increase as the vote grows closer.

  If these Democrat truly hold pro-life views– and I think that they do– they will not succumb to party pressure, they will follow their consciences even at the risk of losing monetary support from the DNC. It will be very interesting to see how these Democrats vote. We will be watching.

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