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Gunrunner: Eric Holder testifies in front of the Oversight Committee

February 3, 2012

  I had to work yesterday so I was not able to watch Eric Holder’s testimony in front of the Oversight Committee on Operation Fast and Furious so I have been scouring the internet trying to find out the details of his testimony.

  From what I have read it appears as if Eric Holder decided to take the offensive in his testimony in an attempt to portray this investigation as a political game in an election year which really holds no credibility because he has done nothing wrong. And he had the backing of the Democrats on the Oversight Committee who decided to release a false report before his testimony which absolved Eric Holder from any blame even though the “Justice” Department has refused to release 93,000 pages of documents which just might implicate Eric Holder in the deadly scandal.

  Eric Holder brought back images of Barack Obama’s holier than thou arrogant attitude (remember Barack Obama stating the Tea Party should be thanking him for what he has done) when he used the how dare you question me defense in regard to Operation Fast and Furious by stating the following:

As a member of Congress, I mean, really, is that the way in which you want to be  seen, you want to be known?”

  Yes, standing up for justice when hundreds of Mexicans and two Americans have been murdered with weapons provided to criminals by the United States government is exactly how members of the Congress should want to be known but Eric Holder remains indignant because the Congress wants to hold him accountable. At the same time that he was saying he deserved credit for all the good he has done as Attorney General, Eric Holder also claimed that while he knew nothing about the deadly scandal he should be held accountable for what he did or did not know:

Yeah, I’m the attorney general of the United States, and I should be held  accountable, but I should also be given some credit — imagine that, credit, for  the things that the Justice Department has done under my leadership

  On one hand he claims he should be held accountable for his actions, but on the other hand he still has not held one single person accountable for Operation Fast and Furious, instead promoting those who might have information on what Eric Holder really knew as payment for their silence.

  With every Friday document dump the investigation gets closer to Eric Holder and his credibility is called into question; yes he can still claim he knew nothing about it as long as there are 93,000 pages of documents which are unreleased, but what is in those documents that Eric Holder does not want Darrell Issa to see? That is the $1 million question.

  It is becoming more and more obvious that Eric Holder is hiding something and the saying goes like this, the best defense is a good offense, and that is the tact Eric Holder has decided to take. It is apparent that Eric Holder has no intention of releasing these documents willingly so it is time to hold him in contempt of Congress and force him to release these documents, and if he still decides not to comply with the subpoena it is time to move for impeachment.

  Eric Holder seems to believe that investigating the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and two American is a political “gotcha” game which he refuses to play because he feels as if saving his own ass–and possibly the ass of the president–is more important than getting to the bottom of what might just go down as the largest scandal in the history of the United States.

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  1. February 3, 2012 11:34 pm

    I watched some of this yesterday and let me tell you, the Democrats were absolutely disgraceful. They made mockery of the entire proceeding. There didn’t care that Holder’s actions may have led the death of one of our border patrol agents.


    • February 4, 2012 8:08 am

      They don’t seem to be interested in the truth, do they? They are only interested in covering for Obama and Holder.


  2. February 4, 2012 2:06 am

    I found this link-4 + hours of hearing. Holder was rude, cocky, arrogant and insulting throughout. You said it before-the dems on the panel have his back. It’s ridiculous what Issa has to wade through to get any kind of information.


  3. lou222 permalink
    February 4, 2012 9:13 am

    We know this is how he operates, he berates who is questioning him with his “haughty” attitude. At first I thought that arrogant was a good way to describe him, but I have since then decided that haughty is more fitting. How dare HE treat members of Congress with the disdain he has been using on them. He seems to think that HE being the AG should have respect, but he refuses to treat them with any. I think the position he has should be treated with the respect he is demanding, but the man has fallen short in filling it. He has been allowed to turn the tables on those questioning him as if it is their fault for even asking him anything. This is pure and simple CYA for all the world to see and STILL he gets away with it. I sure hope that Rep. Issa has something up his sleeve, because if this is all he has, then I think the death of all those innocent people with not be avenged and the guilty will walk away to do harm another day. To think I would ever have to be saying this about another fellow American, let alone an elected offical, well, it pains me. We have hit an all time low in this country if this is to be allowed to stand as normal and is accepted.


  4. lou222 permalink
    February 4, 2012 9:41 am

    I saw this little comment on another website and thought I would post it here:
    “We have a great Constitution. Too bad our President violates it, our elected representatives ignore it, judges everywhere are afraid to uphold it, and our media are too corrupt to mention any of the foregoing.” I thought it was pure and simple and right on point.


  5. bunkerville permalink
    February 4, 2012 10:11 am

    He forgets who is the employer and who is the employee. Typical. Disgraceful


    • lou222 permalink
      February 4, 2012 1:17 pm

      B, they know who pays them and they want more and more from us. The problem is, they don’t think they need to answer to us now. Isn’t it amazing how people can so easily be fooled by words and appearances? I know that most have resigned themselves to the fact that WE will be told how to do something and what to do, but aren’t WE supposed to be the ones calling the shots? When did putting someone in Congress mean that they are in control? Wasn’t this country originally the “land of the free and home of the brave” at one time? Where has that gone? We have lost alot of our freedom and have the brave all but backed down in acceptance? I see what we are becoming, don’t others? What about our children and grandchildren?


    • February 5, 2012 9:29 am

      We are going to have to remind him in November!



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