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Open thread for Sunday, February 10th: I survived the blizzard of 2013

February 10, 2013

 Here is the open thread for Sunday, February 10th: please feel free to post links to interesting articles and to discuss whatever issues might arise during the course of the day.

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  As you can tell by this post and by the two posts I wrote yesterday I have survived the big blizzard of 2013. (Although my flagpole did not survive and I won’t be flying the flag until Spring, when I can install a new one.)

  When all was said and done this storm amounted to nothing more than a normal snowstorm in New England in the Winter–at least in my area, some places were harder hit. It snowed for a day and a half  but we were spared the high winds and thankfully that means the lights didn’t so much as flicker.  We ended up with about 18 inches of snow with three to four foot drifts which took me the morning to clear, but life goes on.

  While Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick desired to flex his muscles by calling out the snow gestapo and threatening his subjects with arrest and fines for simply trying to get home after work or for going to the store to buy milk for the babies New Hampshire took a more reasonable, trust in the intelligence of the people approach by declaring a snow emergency and asking people to use common sense–a concept foreign to nanny staters–there were no proclamations from a government who felt they had to babysit the public.

  Whenever we get snow I am reminded of a video from my all time favorite band–The Cure–entitled ‘Pictures of You.’ The video is set in the midst of a snowy Winter scene, complete with palm trees, and Robert Smith and the boys engage in a snowball fight while the brooding lyrics of remembrance and of longing for a past relationship and personal second guessing offset the playful nature of the video. I think the symbolism of the palm trees and the snow are supposed to reflect the good days in the relationship and the cold future of a lost love.

You fallen into my arms
Crying for the death of your heart
You were stone white
So delicate
Lost in the cold
You were always so lost in the dark

You how you used to be
Slow drowned
You were angels
So much more than everything
Hold for the last time then slip away quietly
Open my eyes
But I never see anything

If only I’d thought of the right words
I could have held on to your heart
If only I’d thought of the right words
I wouldn’t be breaking apart
All my pictures of you

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  1. lou222 permalink
    February 10, 2013 7:47 am

    Glad to hear that you survived! We have alot of rain, but guess that is better than having to go out and shovel. Most people know when to go out and when not to, especially if you have that sort of weather most winters. It is part of this “taking care of us” society that needs to be told to stay in off the streets or to stock up and be prepared. We can see how well the government does taking care of people, look at Hurricane Sandy victims that are still without power! I would rather be prepared myself than to wait for the government to step in and take over, they are a mess. At our household yesterday, we did the early Spring cleaning while it was nasty out. You know, the fans, drapes, blinds, top of cabinets, baseboards, windows, etc, well, it was an all day ordeal, but better than shoveling snow, I guess. I also did NOT have any news on, we listened to the Oldies cable channel all day. My question is, “when did they put 70’s into the “Oldies” category”? I am starting to feel OLD. Hopefully they did not pull anything stupid yesterday, but I am probably wrong. Here is to a better Sunday for all, it is another day to get up and get moving.


    • February 10, 2013 3:38 pm

      Thanks Lou, what a difference a day makes; today the sun is shining and the snow is melting, you gotta love New England! Usually ’70’s is considered classic rock not oldies but I guess time is marching on.


  2. bunkerville permalink
    February 10, 2013 8:32 am

    Glas you survived the storm. It was amazing to watch various Governors, and goverrmental take us to task for being too stupid to come in from the cold.


    • February 10, 2013 3:39 pm

      Thanks, I particularly liked when Boston’s mayor reminded people to charge their cell phones, they honestly believe people would forget to breathe if they didn’t remind them.


  3. February 10, 2013 9:02 am

    Governor Deval Patrick is a liberal and assumes eveyone else is a stupid as he is.

    Glad you are surviving all that global warming. Steve.


    • February 10, 2013 3:41 pm

      I could use a little global warming right about now. Patrick is somebody we need to keep an eye on because he is Obama’s buddy and there is talk he will run for president if Obama doesn’t name him AG or to the Supreme Court.


  4. February 10, 2013 9:03 am

    Snow storm, blizzard, in the immortal words of Jackie Gleason, “A mere bag of shells.” As a child in Michigan we walked through waist high snow to the school bus stop and played in the snow at recess time. In today’s pampered world the grocery shelves are bared before the first snowflake touches down. Common sense be damned. In spite of the 24 hour weather report cycle warning and cautioning us as to how we should comport ourselves during this latest bout of global warming we had a blast shoveling out the sidewalks and the cars. One negative though, the inclement weather made skeet shooting out of the question.


    • February 10, 2013 3:42 pm

      So true, people have lost their common sense.


      • February 10, 2013 6:11 pm

        Common sense, isn’t so common anymore ……….:-(


      • February 10, 2013 7:15 pm

        No it is not and I think it has quite a bit to do with the education system as the left tries to get people to stop thinking for themselves so they can increase their influence over the people.



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