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Wesley Clark calls for internment camps for ‘radicalized’ Americans

July 20, 2015

  Retired General Wesley Clark has an interesting idea when it comes to combating domestic terrorism in the United States and it is an idea which we have not seen in this country since WWII–internment camps. Here is the video:

  This idea is bad enough on its face, we cannot be locking people up for their beliefs alone, there has to have been a crime committed, but it is even worse than that. If you listened to Wesley Clark’s whole statement you might have caught it when he said we have to “identify the people who are most likely to be radicalized” and then he describes young people who might feel alienated for various reasons ranging from being unemployed to having girl problems. You know, typical teenager worries…

  The question is; who decides who is a radical? Judging by Wesley Clark’s comments, every single teenage boy could be a threat to the national security, and of course we know the Tea Party has already been targeted by the IRS so could it be possible internment camps for those who are not politically correct is something that Wesley Clark could support?

Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. July 20, 2015 6:54 pm

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Wesley Clark, a fine one to talk about anything. Maybe the pimp shoulbe the first inmate:

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    • July 20, 2015 6:55 pm

      Thank you and thanks for the link!

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      • July 20, 2015 6:56 pm

        You’re welcome.

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  2. July 20, 2015 7:13 pm

    The problem is that he’s confusing disloyalty to the Constitution with disloyalty to a specific government administration. The People never are supposed to be loyal to government, they are always to be loyal to the Constitution.

    Our Constitution is Supreme Law, not the government. People take an oath to the Constitution, they never take an oath to any particular government.

    Why are so many people so stupid????

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    • July 20, 2015 10:55 pm

      He is the problem! I agree with what you’re saying Laura, but these ‘sickies’ twist it to where they’re the only ones who do right! Another reason they want to get rid of the Constitution, it’s written ‘for the people’ to protect them – the very thing Weasel Clark and his kind are against.
      And ‘Staging these events’ (by the Feds) are like the money that’s printed – it’s fake and not backed up by anything other than ‘people believing’ in it. What a mess.
      AND, he’s ‘conditioning’ people as well to ‘think’ that way, because he’s in a position of authority (fraudulent).
      They’re stupid Laura because that the teaching and indoctrination/brainwashing they’re getting! esp. the youth who think it’s ‘cool’ to have a women prez! 😑Programming.

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      • July 21, 2015 5:32 pm

        I agree that he is the problem, Zip. The government tells us that being against what the government is doing is being against the U.S. and against the Constitution. That’s nothing but a big, fat, huge LIE! Of course the masses believe the lies from the government because they don’t know any better, they’ve been dumbed-down by public education, T.V., ‘celebrities’, politicians, and the media.

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      • July 21, 2015 10:41 pm

        Instead of their headlights not working it’s more like their Frontal Lobes. Strange how some are like that but some of us aren’t? And we are constantly having to ‘discern’ things – news and happenings – giving them the ‘truth’ test (reason/logic/analysis!

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    • July 20, 2015 11:06 pm

      So very true Laura but I do not think that most people understand the difference between being loyal to the government and being loyal to the Constitution. They just assume that if the government does something it must be Constitutional and that could mot be further from the truth.

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      • lou222 permalink
        July 21, 2015 10:31 am

        When they started taking crucial information out of the history books and started not letting homework be brought home, that sent up a red flag to me. If they can keep all the teaching AT SCHOOL, then they have the control. They know that our generations know what they are doing and are trying to fight it, but they have a whole other group they can mold now into doing their bidding. After all, isn’t the Constitution a “living” Constitution that can be interrupted now? Funny how it can be someones opinion of what it says now, isn’t it? Since when did the Constitution become only a “suggestion” to base your own beliefs on?

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      • lou222 permalink
        July 21, 2015 10:42 am

        Sorry, it was “interpreted NOT interrupted….where is STEVE when you need him to FIX something???? Oh ya, Steve is gone and WORKING! That is more than can be said for probably 50% of the country.
        Now that I look at it again, you COULD say that our Constitution has been interrupted, yes, you surely could….hmmmm.

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      • July 21, 2015 10:45 am

        Lou, my eyes read ‘interpreted’ not ‘interrupted.’ Lol.

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      • lou222 permalink
        July 21, 2015 10:53 am

        Funny, I guess we all compensate with what we KNOW the person is saying now. We kind of know the mindset of most of the people here, don’t we? I just hate, when I click SEND and then see a mistake and it is too late to catch it…ha!

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      • July 21, 2015 5:17 pm

        I guess I am a bit of a perfectionist, I have very high standards for myself. I don’t like typos, inaccuracies, grammatical and punctuation errors, factual errors – mistakes of any kind.

        Where others are concerned I am more laid back, understanding, and forgiving. 🙂

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      • July 21, 2015 5:44 pm

        They are just too willing to let the government make decisions for them. Sad….

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      • July 21, 2015 5:46 pm

        P.S. They don’t even know the government isn’t supposed to be making those decisions for them.

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      • July 21, 2015 5:54 pm

        Interrupted kind of works as well if you think about it! They have purposely stopped teaching history Lou so that people will not understand what the proper role of the government is and as you can see by Laura’s comment it has been successful. And another reason why people want the government to make these decision is because it relieves them of responsibility.

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  3. July 20, 2015 8:24 pm

    History is about to repeat itself I fear. Tin foil or not, it is where I stand.

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    • July 20, 2015 11:07 pm

      People can say it is tinfoil hat material if they want to but the truth is that this has happened before and history has a way of repeating itself…

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  4. July 20, 2015 11:08 pm

    Steve you’re making us ‘feel your pain’ being away from home with this posting!
    This ‘Chattanooga’ incident is being exposed as a ‘Drill’ which they just happened to call ‘True’ – making the most of the opportunity. You can search it out if you’re not convinced. Even the way the bullet holes are in the glass show it wasn’t done the way the news reports. Fake witnesses etc. So Weasel Clark would call anyone who doesn’t ‘believe ‘ their lies ‘dangerous’ is the way I see it Steve!
    Here’s just one example:

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    • July 21, 2015 12:21 am

      FORGET THAT VID. I should’ve listen to more of that vid before posting – too much vulgar language – might want to just skip it. Sorry about that.
      There’s other’s that are better – pointing out the facts – indicating the shooting was most likely a DRILL. ‘Chattanooga Shooting: New Images and Video (don’t fall for “flattened body” disinfo)’

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      • July 21, 2015 5:42 am

        Thanks for that link Zip, I will have to check it out later.

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      • July 21, 2015 8:19 am


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    • lou222 permalink
      July 21, 2015 10:50 am

      I already listened to it. If you overlook the bad stuff, what he is saying about the “witness” has truth in it. If they can bargain their way out of a bad situation, why would they not “see” something and go on camera saying it? At this point, we have been lied to so many times, how are we supposed to trust the Government when they tell us something? Couple that with the media and how they control what we hear and see, they have it wrapped up tight, so we have to rely on videos like this that slip thru.

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      • July 21, 2015 11:03 am

        Thanks Lou, sometimes the crudeness just gets to me, you’d think we were listening to Hilly go off in one of her back rooms! But, getting the facts out is a must to squash the lies and deception running ramped!

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  5. Dr. Jeff permalink
    July 21, 2015 12:23 am

    I got curious about the allegation on Ms. Mule, so I researched a little. No problem finding the 2009 drug bust of a “Gina Mule”, but I wasn’t impressed by something that happened 6 years ago.

    Then I found this arrest from last March 2015:


    I’m not sure if it’s relevant or just a bad coincidence. I have no problem believing that we have Islamist crazies on the loose who like killing people and their known m.o. is consistent with the Chattanooga shooter, so I tend to doubt that Ms. Mule’s legal troubles make much difference.

    That said, we have 5 dead Marines and sailors. If not the Islamists, who is responsible?

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    • July 21, 2015 5:41 am

      According to Martin O’Malley it is global warming. (Just got a quick post up about that now.)

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  6. petermc3 permalink
    July 22, 2015 6:36 am

    A retired general on MSNBC . Case closed. This arrogant piece of trash just couldn’t bring himself to say Islam or Muslim. Instead a jobless person who lost his girlfriend is the real threat here. What a fraud. If he was a republican he could jump into the race like the Obamacare asshole John Kasek just did.

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    • July 22, 2015 11:22 am

      Hey, that’s my lowlife, RINO governor you’re insulting…. 😉


      • petermc3 permalink
        July 22, 2015 11:37 am

        Glad to be of service Laura 😎.
        PS I attended a GOP fundraiser here in Hackensack,NJ around early 2000-? or so where he appeared along with JC Watts. Kasak impressed us all with his staunch conservative vision as did Watts. It must be true what they say…once you go Obama you never go back.👤

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      • July 22, 2015 11:41 am

        We had high hopes for him when he was first elected…

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    • July 22, 2015 5:56 pm

      Until they admit what the problem is there will never be a solution!



  1. General Wesley Clark: ‘Internment camps for ‘radicalized’ Americans | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

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