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Sunday, September 13th open thread: ‘Sail’

September 13, 2015

  Here is the open thread for Sunday, September 13th. Please feel free to post links to interesting articles and to discuss whatever issues arise during the course of the day. Nothing is off-topic here.

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  I apologize for getting the open thread up so late this morning but we stayed in the only hotel in the nation last night which does not have wifi! 

  Next week I will be traveling to Chicago (hi Lou!) for the week so posting might be light but I know I can count on you guys to keep the conversation going.

  For the musical selection this week I have chosen a song entitled “Sail” by Awolnation. This song is about a person who wishes to sail away from his problems and I have always liked this song. Let’s face it, we all feel that way at times don’t we? I know I do… 


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  1. September 13, 2015 12:30 pm

    The Secret of the Sea
    (from The Seaside and the Fireside)

    by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    Ah! what pleasant visions haunt me
    As I gaze upon the sea!
    All the old romantic legends,
    All my dreams, come back to me.

    Sails of silk and ropes of sandal,
    Such as gleam in ancient lore;
    And the singing of the sailors,
    And the answer from the shore!

    Most of all, the Spanish ballad
    Haunts me oft, and tarries long,
    Of the noble Count Arnaldos
    And the sailor’s mystic song.

    Like the long waves on a sea-beach,
    Where the sand as silver shines,
    With a soft, monotonous cadence,
    Flow its unrhymed lyric lines:–

    Telling how the Count Arnaldos,
    With his hawk upon his hand,
    Saw a fair and stately galley,
    Steering onward to the land;–

    How he heard the ancient helmsman
    Chant a song so wild and clear,
    That the sailing sea-bird slowly
    Poised upon the mast to hear,

    Till his soul was full of longing,
    And he cried, with impulse strong,–
    “Helmsman! for the love of heaven,
    Teach me, too, that wondrous song!”

    “Wouldst thou,”–so the helmsman answered,
    “Learn the secret of the sea?
    Only those who brave its dangers
    Comprehend its mystery!”

    In each sail that skims the horizon,
    In each landward-blowing breeze,
    I behold that stately galley,
    Hear those mournful melodies;

    Till my soul is full of longing
    For the secret of the sea,
    And the heart of the great ocean
    Sends a thrilling pulse through me.

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    • lou222 permalink
      September 13, 2015 1:44 pm

      Ah, Brit, a song about sailing, but some how it is “grounding” to hear/readn it. Thanks!

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      • September 13, 2015 2:39 pm

        You’re welcome. I grew up on the waterfront of NYC, and lived only 18 feet off the Atlantic on Long Island (NY) until my home was destroyed by the flood of Super Storm Sandy. At age of 8 years, an uncle was a tug boat captain and took me at times, off the streets on I rode the tug boat. He made me learn knot tying and pulling splinters from my hands that were not tough as leather back then. I have a love of old wood boats, as they are slower but ride like Cadillacs.
        Glad that the posted item was refreshing to your soul.
        PS: Last night I had the windows wide open and put the fan on. The salt air was beautiful, with the cool breeze all night.

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      • lou222 permalink
        September 13, 2015 5:05 pm

        Never experienced that, grew up on the Mississippi River, but it sounds like a wonderful experience with a great Uncle. I had an Uncle that was a plethora of information and considered myself lucky at that. There is something to say about “old” things, they are made better and longer lasting, right? We had 45 temp last night, but sorry to say no salt air, that would be really neat!

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    • September 13, 2015 6:49 pm

      Some background music for your poem Brit ~ turn up sound, a bit short but gives the mood.

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      • September 13, 2015 6:53 pm

        Very nice. A few years back, I had considered obtaining financing to purchase a former USCG cutter WP-283. My wife found out, and thought I lost my mind. My defense: “Strawberry ice cream. Somebody ate more than their ration of strawberry ice cream”.

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      • September 13, 2015 7:13 pm

        I’m sure that explained it all to her! Funny!
        Some of those old seafaring rides would be a collector’s item – plus a fun Sunday sport!

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      • September 13, 2015 7:45 pm

        It was an 83-footer. Guns removed. I was going to re-name the vessel, the Bullfish. Have a logo painted onto it by the “official” Bullfish artist, and find out about US Coast Guard Auxilliary, and paint those colors if approved. The downside is that I recall a crew of USCGA would sail it and not me, so I would be aboard but not as captain but I would get a tax deduction of something. My bulkhead was 40-feet at 48-inch draft but my then neighbor had 130-foot bulkhead deep draft but I would have had to get a permit to dredge another three or four feet. Money. So, I found a property on the Hudson River for sale with draft of over 40-feet and 1,000 feet of bulkhead but it was in disrepair. Money. An old building on the property would need to be demo’d. Money. So, I looked into rehabilitation of the bulkhead and rebuilding the seawall out of concrete. Yeah, money. I could have made the 2 Acres like a park estate and wanted pink willow trees in the corners for navigation because nobody has pink willow trees there and a crew would automatically know it was their port. But the property owner did not want to sell me the corner run-down house they lived in. Would have made 3.15 Acres total. Money. Then I have the idea, if a crew goes out and provides patrol services, medical response, spill response, etc., I could build a garage type structure with a bay window overlooking the Hudson River, have a sign painter paint “Operations Office” on the door glass, and have a tax deduction. But the deal never materialized. Money. Had a computer file in the old computer with everything. Land elevations, materials, bulkhead locker and power. You name it, but money, went from another $300k to somewhere around $800K needed. So, it never took place, and considering what I lost in the flood later on, I would have been ahead of the game with that boat. “Strawberries”.

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      • September 13, 2015 8:38 pm

        Yeah, too bad Brittius. You had it all figured in your mind – envisioning it – but reality just wasn’t for you on this one. Sounds NEAT though – thanks for sharing the story! And that’s how you ended up with “Strawberry ice cream!” 🙂 Too bad about the flood loss.

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      • September 13, 2015 8:39 pm

        Thanks, Zip. Nothing ventured – Nothing gained.

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      • lou222 permalink
        September 13, 2015 7:06 pm

        Bucket list???

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      • September 13, 2015 8:05 pm

        Very nice Zip!

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      • lou222 permalink
        September 13, 2015 8:47 pm

        Ok, after reading about the 83 footer, now I understand a bit more. So, what you are saying is it boils down to MONEY! Wouldn’t it be grand if all of our dreams were attainable? All the ideas you had were really neat ideas and I am sure you would have been happy had any one of them happened! But, guess we can just dream and get some pleasure out of it that way. The closest I have come to anything like that was when the “tall ships” came into the harbor up in Chicago….had the mother in law with us and I went with the intention of SEEING the ships, haha! After we spent time dragging her thru the shops to get what she wanted,,,,they were back out sailing, so I only saw them from afar…my loss!

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    • September 13, 2015 8:04 pm

      Thanks for sharing that, it is funny but I just recently added Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to my list of authors I want to read.
      I am so sorry to hear you lost your home in Superstorm Sandy!

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      • September 13, 2015 8:22 pm

        You’re welcome, and thanks, Steve. This week, we might finally get back to normal since the flood. I put a bid on a house across the canal where we lived. It is at 11.5 feet above flood tide mark and the flood was 10.5 feet, so the house was untouched but the owners are playing games with the price. I bid on the house this past April and again in June. Now, last week my final offer or we walk. My neighbors across the canal would be my neighbors across the street. Wide-line high ranch to fit the usual of grandchildren and a house full on Sunday of kids, grandkids, neices, all, for Sunday dinner, as before. Downstairs is a garage that I would convert to a workshop and I would then probably have enough room for a 9-foot pooltable. My brain is like an over-ripe melon, but at times I get some good ideas. My old house, when I pass by, tears my heart out, and my nextdoor neighbor’s house collapsed. He had a stroke later and died. He was a retired State Trooper and like a brother. His photograph was given to me alond with his Captains whittled figurine by his daughter. I hope this week goes well. If not, I started looking at properties in Maine, but the wife is complaining about it like I dragging her of to outer Mongolia. Of the seasons, on the water, winter is the prettiest. I feed the buzzards (seagulls), in February when they perch on the pilings and ask for food. The swans, I fed daily from my hand, and when the tide came over the top six times a year, Papa Swan would knock on my kitchen door with his bill. Mama Swan and the cygnet babies would be lined up on my deck, and everyone said I looked like a priest when placing bread into their mouths. The seagulls like cold leftover spaghetti and slurped it down, and we fed them turkey carcasses that they tore apart and devoured. I used to tell weather by walking to the edge of the bulkhead and reading the tide and current. The flood ruined everything. After the flood, that lasted 10/29/2012 through 11/03/2012, a six foot Mako swam around my barbeque. Not an eight footer. Not a five footer, it was a six footer either disoriented or swept in with the flood. If I would have known it was coming, I would have dragged it into the kitchen by the tail and made steaks out of it (Tastes like scallop). The life on the water’s edge, is something that I can never shake out of my system. Years back, I sailed to Belfast, Maine, walked around, did some shopping, ate at a bar, then sailed back. Priceless memories.

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      • lou222 permalink
        September 13, 2015 8:37 pm

        Sounds like all good memories except for the flood. It would be horrible to have to leave an area that you are so attached to, can understand your wife’s feelings on not wanting to leave. So many things that you cannot replace physically, but the memories will still be there. Sounds like you are as close as you can get to staying in the area and hope that works out for you. I hate moving and to be getting the run around just adds to the pain in the butt it is probably becoming.

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      • September 14, 2015 6:20 am

        Good luck with the house, I hope it works out for you.


  2. September 13, 2015 1:36 pm

    Hello To All…….A Bit “Off The Wall” For A Change 😉



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    • lou222 permalink
      September 13, 2015 1:42 pm

      Too late, SDL! You have been “off the wall” many, many times! 😉 These sure are fitting with that same theme! Hope you are well!

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    • September 13, 2015 3:56 pm

      Some interesting vids Swiss. ‘Distortion’ seems to be a theme in the music notes and vids – the beat is pretty consistent. I find the older women vid make a real statement – the once youthful and flamboyant now old but still ‘feeling’ the same inside (the body grows old but the spirit and soul don’t seem to age, just living out their days in a body that they’re trying to keep up w/ their youthful desires! Thanks for posting – I can tell Lou liked them too 🙂

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      • lou222 permalink
        September 13, 2015 5:06 pm

        Always have to appreciate what SDL posts, they are different, but somehow fitting!

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    • September 13, 2015 8:08 pm

      A little off the wall is right. A little dance club music, thanks for sharing!

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  3. September 13, 2015 6:46 pm

    Rock the Boat

    A Broadside

    And in honor of your and Lauri’s Anniversary – when you first met: May not be ‘exactly’ how it was when you met … but I thought it cute!

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    • lou222 permalink
      September 13, 2015 7:05 pm

      That was a wide spread of entertainment there, Zip!

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    • September 13, 2015 8:10 pm

      I knew the first song but not the others. Thanks for sharing and for the dedication, I enjoyed it.

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  4. lou222 permalink
    September 13, 2015 8:30 pm

    Just watch your back Steve! I think you will be fine.

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    • September 13, 2015 9:09 pm

      And his front and the sides! 360′.

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    • September 14, 2015 6:21 am

      Will do!

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  5. September 14, 2015 4:50 am

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    • September 14, 2015 6:21 am

      Now this one I remember!


    • lou222 permalink
      September 14, 2015 9:09 am

      Yep, I remember and like this one, as well!


  6. September 14, 2015 6:48 pm

    Well, I am in Detroit waiting for a connection flight. The good news is we are not actually going to stay in Chicago and the seminar is not in Chicago!

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    • September 14, 2015 6:52 pm

      Steve, you’re about 40 minutes from me. Hi! (waves excitedly) 🙂

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      • September 14, 2015 7:06 pm

        I think I see you!

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  7. September 14, 2015 11:33 pm

    We made it! The hotel is actually in Bolingbrook and the town we have the seminar in starts with an ‘L’ I think, I am to tired to remember right now. I am still on Eastern Standard Time! 🙂

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    • lou222 permalink
      September 15, 2015 8:21 am

      Glad you made it ok. Have a good week!

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      • September 15, 2015 8:25 am

        Thanks, the class is in Lockport.

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      • September 15, 2015 6:36 pm

        Okay Lou, I have one question: what is the Department of Employment Security?!


      • lou222 permalink
        September 15, 2015 7:38 pm

        I will let you decide what it is….but as far as I can see it is NOT working…the state is broke and there are no jobs. Security? Hahaha!

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      • September 15, 2015 10:49 pm

        It sounds to me like the politically correct way to say unemployment office!

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