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Top conservative leaders to hold a meeting to plot a third-party run to stop Donald Trump

March 15, 2016

  Shortly before Christmas I wrote a post about a report that claimed that while the Republicans wanted Donald Trump to take a pledge not to run a third-party candidacy if he did not win the nomination that establishment Republicans were the ones who were plotting a third-party run if he did win the nomination. You can read that post here.

  The rumors have not gone away and in fact it is now being reported in this story that some conservative leaders are meeting in a couple of days to discuss running a true conservative candidate in a third-party bid if Donald Trump wins the nomination.

Three influential leaders in the conservative movement have summoned other top conservatives for a closed-door meeting this Thursday in Washington D.C. to talk about how to stop Donald Trump and, should he become the Republican nominee, how to run a third-party “true conservative” challenger in the fall.

The organizers of the meeting include Bill Wichterman, who was President George W. Bush’s liaison to the conservative movement, Bob Fischer, a South Dakota businessman and longtime conservative convener, and Erick Erickson, the outspoken Trump opponent and conservative activist who founded

I have to admit that I have not heard of any of these people before but here is more:

“Please join other conservative leaders to strategize how to defeat Donald Trump for the Republican nomination,” the three wrote in an invitation obtained by POLITICO that recently went out to conservative leaders, “and if he is the Republican nominee for president, to offer a true conservative candidate in the general election.”

  Of course this will split the Republican vote and most likely ensure the Democratic candidate is elected President, but I have been saying for quite some time that when push comes to shove the upper level people in both parties are on the same side and will do whatever it takes to protect the establishment. I am of the belief that the Republican establishment would rather see Hillary Clinton as President than an outsider.

  There is one thing that could possibly stand in the way of this plan. It might be far-fetched but hear me out. Many of Bernie Sanders’ supporters have claimed they would rather vote for Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. If these supporters feel as if the Democratic party, through the use of the superdelegates, screwed Bernie Sanders out of the nomination we may see them vote for another candidate. It goes without saying that if a true conservative is in the race they will not vote for that candidate, so the possibility remains they could decide to vote for the liberal billionaire businessman with New York values. Would there be enough of a crossover vote to offset the split in the Republican party? I doubt it but stranger things have happened…

  Where do I stand on all of this? Well, I suppose that would depend on who the third-party true conservative is. If it is a person I can support I will have to give serious consideration to jumping ship myself.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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