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John Kasich predicts an open convention and says ‘it will be fun’

April 3, 2016

 John KasichI have two theories as to why John Kasich is staying in the Republican primary even though he has been mathematically eliminated from winning enough delegates before the convention to win the nomination but I have not been able to figure out which one is the truth, if either is. According to my theories either he has reached a deal with Donald Trump in order to help him win the nomination before the convention by splitting the anti-Trump vote or he is trying to split the total vote, at the behest of the Republican establishment, in order to keep Donald Trump from winning the nomination before the convention.

  I understand that these two theories are at odds with each other so maybe there is a third option, and that option is that he wants to help usher in a brokered convention because he is under the delusional belief that the Republican establishment will actually choose him as the nominee if both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are denied enough delegates to win the nomination before the convention.

  John Kasich made some comments today which lead me to believe that this third theory is closer to the truth than the first two. Here is part of what he had to say:

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich said he thinks he has a good chance at a contested convention this summer.

“I believe that a convention will look at somebody like me, and that’s why I think I’m going to be the nominee,” the Ohio governor said on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

“We just have to keep going, and we’re going to have an open convention,” Kasich said.

“It’s going to be so much fun. Kids will spend less time focusing on Bieber and Kardashian and more time focusing on how we elect presidents. It will be so cool.”

  I am now of the belief that the Republican establishment has convinced John Kasich to stay in the race by convincing him they will give his candidacy serious consideration in the event he is successful at stopping both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump from securing the nomination. If this is true he is a fool and a useful idiot!

  The Republican establishment is lining up two-time loser Mitt Romney and his failed 2012 running-mate Paul Ryan as two possible candidates for the nomination if John Kasich manages to usher in a brokered convention and I would like to believe John Kasich is smart enough to realize this. But maybe he is not…

  I find it interesting that he believes it would “be so much fun” to deny the Republican voters their choice for the nominee for his own personal gain. It is clear to me at this point that for whatever reason he is aligning himself with the Republican establishment and at this point it does not even matter if he is doing it because he is under the mistaken belief the GOP will nominate him at the convention or if he is just doing this to help the Republican establishment from keeping the people from having a voice during the election because the result will be the same either way–the Republican establishment will choose the nominee and the will of the Republican voters will be ignored.

  Perhaps the Republican establishment would be better off adopting the Democratic primary system of using the superdelegates to control the outcome of the election, it would be much easier for them, just ask Hillary Clinton…

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. petermc3 permalink
    April 3, 2016 9:49 pm

    The GOP is as DOA as is Kasich. Sadly though, the democrats will not allow a third party to form while they are ushering in the one party system after the RNC/GOP finally ends its lemming march in the sea. There is no one or any entity including a republican majority congress to stop Obama who is merely a puppet never mind stopping fat asses agenda. There will be no one pulling Hillary’s strings and there will be nothing to stop her dissembling of the country and the constitution. And most assuredly she will make short work of whatever scraps of the GOP may be hanging around post election.

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    • April 4, 2016 5:27 am

      For all intents and purposes we already have a one party system. Sure they put on a great face and give us this show of opposition but in the end they are on the same side…and it isn’t our side.


  2. April 3, 2016 10:04 pm

    Yep, who knows maybe the ‘super’ delegates will vote for him regardless … and may I say irregardless!! 🙂

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    • April 4, 2016 5:28 am

      You hit on one of my pet peeves! My other one is “a whole nother.”

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      • April 4, 2016 1:04 pm

        haha, glad to be of service! hmmm, haven’t heard or used the other one. Now you gave me more ammo!

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      • April 4, 2016 6:48 pm

        Now that you are listening for it you will hear it all the time! Everybody uses it, including news anchors. At least they did when I was still watching the news on TV. Of course my two sisters-in-law us it around me just to give me a hard time. 🙂


      • petermc3 permalink
        April 4, 2016 8:07 pm

        Let’s not forget the all important and annoying “anyways.”

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      • April 5, 2016 5:40 am

        I think I might say that one once in awhile myself but I am not sure! 🙂


  3. lou222 permalink
    April 4, 2016 10:07 am

    Well, I really dislike Kasich, cannot stand looking at him, either. For him to think this is going to be “fun” is a real smack in our faces. He should be run out of town, but then again, his caliber is what the Republicans seem to be leaning towards, so doubt that will happen. I am truly sick of the whole lot of them, both sides. They are crooked, nasty, evil pieces of crap that have no right to be representing us as a nation. That being said, I know that WE are the ones that put them there, so exactly what does it say about us? I know, present company, are not responsible for what we now have, but the vast amount of voters ARE. If they would pull their heads out of their arses, they might actually see what is being done to this Country. Or, maybe they need to stop watching all the “reality” tv programs and do a little reality watching of the Country going down the tube, instead. Whatever the outcome will be, it is not going to be for the GOOD of the Country, I am pretty certain of that. This is not a game that I am willing to lose, but then again, am I going to have any say so in the matter? Guess that is the big question!

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    • April 4, 2016 6:50 pm

      That comment of his really shows us the disdain he has for the voters in my opinion and I think he is working with the GOP so it tells us how the establishment feels as well.

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