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John Kasich drops out of the Presidential race

May 4, 2016

  Back in the middle of March Dick Morris stated that he believed Donald Trump and John Kasich struck a secret deal in order to stop Ted Cruz from blocking the billionaire businessman from winning the nomination on the first ballot. Dick Morris believed his reward for doing so would be the Vice Presidency.

  John Kasich has been claiming he was staying in the race because he thought he would be the nominee if the convention was brokered and at one point he claimed it was going to be fun. However now that Ted Cruz has left the race it appears as if John Kasich has changed his tune because he has now dropped out of the race clearing the way for Donald Trump.

  It did not take long for John Kasich to change his mind once Ted Cruz was out of the race, did it? This move makes it look like Dick Morris was on to something. If Donald Trump names John Kasich as his running mate we will know the fix was in…

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. petermc3 permalink
    May 4, 2016 9:23 pm

    Compared to the Clintons machinations this is a kindergarten project. Let’s not add to the death of a thousand cuts Hillary, Bubba and their surrogates have planned for Trump. Also were the tables reversed Cruz would have tried to do tge same. It’s that dirty little game called politics. The mantra of any and all freedom loving Americas should be “anyone but Hillary Clinton”- except that old communist from Vermont Moe Ginsberg.

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    • May 5, 2016 6:10 am

      The one good thing is that Hillary will not be able to play the gender card to win sympathy when he goes after her because Trump will have no problem going after Bill’s “transgressions.”

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      • May 5, 2016 12:31 pm

        With all that’s coming down on people today Steve I don’t think Billy’s covered transgressions will come to much. She’ll play the gender card just as Bari did the race card.
        Trans is more of a concern today ~ especially when the Laws are forcing transgender acceptance. I know this is a bit OT, but it relates because what use to be consider ‘unacceptable’ has been called <acceptable, which shows the unleashing of perversions and immoralities that are historical – like man-made cancer. Cause a problem and profit from ‘curing it’ or going thru the motions, when it might be cured or not, but still profit from it all.

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      • May 5, 2016 7:57 pm

        I just saw a headline that said NC is not going to back down, it is going to be interesting to see how this plays out…


  2. May 4, 2016 10:09 pm

    It’s all pretty ugly isn’t it Steve. Instead of the least of the two evils it’s -as Peter states- more sinister than we can really even conceive … and we probably don’t want to ‘conceive’ of it less we fall down the deep, dark rabbit hole!

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  3. May 5, 2016 9:26 am

    Now that Cruz and Kasich have dropped out of the race there is a Twitter tweet #DropOutHillary that has gone viral. BS is Califorina Dreaming – he wants to relive the 60’s summer of love in California.

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