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Was Guccifer’s extradition to the U.S. related to the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal?

April 8, 2016

  Last month Romania approved a request from the United States government and infamous hacker “Guccifer” was extradited to the United States. Here is more on that story:

Romania’s top court has approved a request by U.S. authorities to extradite a convicted hacker known as Guccifer, a source within Romania’s DIICOT anti-organized crime and terrorism unit told Reuters on Friday.

“The court approved an 18-month temporary extradition to America for the hacker. This follows a request made by U.S. authorities,” the source said.

  This is the United States government’s official explanation as to why Guccifer’s extradition was sought:

The U.S. Justice Department said in 2014 that a U.S. federal grand jury had indicted Marcel Lazar Lehel on charges of wire fraud, unauthorized access to a protected computer, aggravated identity theft, cyberstalking and obstruction of justice.

  But according to this story it is not a coincidence that the United States government sought Guccifer’s extradition while the FBI is actively investigating Hillary Clinton’s decision to use a personal email server to conduct all of her State Department business on:

The extradition of Romanian hacker “Guccifer” to the U.S. at a critical point in the FBI’s criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email use is “not a coincidence,” according to an intelligence source close to the case.

One of the notches on Guccifer’s cyber-crime belt was allegedly accessing the email account of Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal, one of Clinton’s most prolific advice-givers when she was secretary of state. It was through that hack that Clinton’s use of a personal account — — first came to light. 

  According the the block quote above we first learned of Hillary Clinton’s personal email server after it was discovered that Guccifer was able to hack into Sidney Blumenthal’s email account. We also know that Sidney Blumenthal, despite Barack Obama’s admonition that he not be included in Hillary Clinton’s State Department, was a close aide to Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State. In fact it has been reported that Hillary Clinton used her personal email server to set up a secret spy network.

  Could it possibly be that the “unauthorized access to a protected computer” for which Guccifer was partly extradited for was Sidney Blumenthal’s computer? And if so what State secrets was he privy to due to Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized relationship to Sidney Blumenthal?

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. lou222 permalink
    April 8, 2016 9:48 pm

    Another one of those, what do you know and when did you know about it! I think that Comey is probably ready to make his decision…I can only hope with the amount of people he has had working on this that it is GOOD. I know I have read that he and AG Lynch have been having numerous meetings, so he may be laying it out for her. Then we have Obama wanting to stop what is going on, it probably will involve him, so this should be interesting. I doubt that this is a coincidence, given the time frame, but if we are told to accept that explanation,,,what are the chances that 95% of the people will believe it? After all, Clinton is running for the Presidency and she has to be cut some slack and she is the first female and whatever else they can use as an excuse as to why she cannot possible be busted. I have gotten to where I hate even hearing anything from the media, save for a couple reporters.

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    • April 8, 2016 10:21 pm

      I think Coney is another loyal foot solider who is not going to rock the boat. He and AG Lynch meet regularly- she’s his boss. They probably have an open line to the WH during their meetings so BO knows what is happening. Comey has already said nothing is going to happen until after the National Convention, so this a dead letter.

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      • lou222 permalink
        April 9, 2016 8:43 am

        I think, if anyone will do a fair job it will be Comey, from what I hear. Now, even IF he recommends that she be prosecuted, it will remain for Lynch to do that and there is the problem. As for bringing Lehel to the US, who knows what they are looking for or maybe use him in favor of Clinton?? We know things are screwed up these days, so it is up in the air as to why they do anything. We are not on a “need to know basis”, right?

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      • April 9, 2016 9:28 am

        Lynch testified under oath that she has or does not nor has not discussed the Clinton matter with Comey. If different, she is in big trouble.

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      • lou222 permalink
        April 9, 2016 9:51 am

        Makes you wonder what the “meetings” were for then, doesn’t it B?

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      • April 9, 2016 6:18 pm

        Of course they might have something on Comey! This regime seems to have the goods on everybody Lou!

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      • April 9, 2016 6:19 pm

        Very interesting Bunkerville, perhaps she has slipped up!

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    • April 9, 2016 6:20 am

      I don’t have faith that even if there is overwhelming evidence that charges are ever going to be brought forward and Hillary probably knows this. I am still holding out hope that the grudge Obama holds will come into play and they we can deal with Sanders after.


  2. April 8, 2016 9:53 pm

    I guess the FBI would like to know once Marcel Level aka Guccifer found Hillary’s email did he hack into her email. There are one or two emails published by that are not amongst the emails disclosed by the State Department. Also the FBI may want to know how many times and how many emails he extracted.

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    • April 9, 2016 6:23 am

      I think that because he got into Blumenthal’s email it is likely he saw classified information even if he didn’t access Hillary’s. But I think it is likely he also got into Hillary’s.


  3. April 9, 2016 4:29 am

    Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal.

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    • April 9, 2016 6:24 am

      Thank you.


      • April 9, 2016 7:50 am

        You’re welcome.

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  4. April 9, 2016 9:26 am

    The question is, who ordered the extradition? I doubt the FBI has the authority. So the AG office would do it. I read that it is extremely rare that hackers are extradited to the U.S.This presents an interesting development.

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    • lou222 permalink
      April 9, 2016 9:52 am

      We will only be told what they want us to hear, whether it is the truth, who knows!

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    • April 9, 2016 6:21 pm

      That is a good question and I don’t know the answer but I also doubt the FBI has that type of authority. I still think Obama might have plans to bring down Hillary so Sanders gets the nomination.

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      • April 9, 2016 11:56 pm

        The hacked emails are all marked with the letter “G” so the FBI maybe needs verification as to who marked the documents. This looks like they will indict Sid rather than Hillary.

        But on the other hand according to news articles the U.S. Department of State filed an extradition request with the Romanian government. He faces indicted in the U. S. for fraud, obstruction of justice, cyberstalking, identity theft, and unauthorized access of a protected computer.


      • April 10, 2016 6:28 am

        You are probably right about this being aimed at Blumenthal at this point but with any luck he will point at Hillary.


      • lou222 permalink
        April 10, 2016 7:41 am

        Funny you mention that it might be Blumethal going down instead of Clinton! My thoughts on this IS if he goes down, he is going to do his best to take her with him. He is as sneaky and evil as she is, cut from the same cloth. She might be more afraid of what he will do than the FBI. When you are associated with evil like that, as long as you are on good terms you might be ok, cross them and the road to HELL will probably open up. He did not get where he is by being weak. She should be afraid of him, that is for sure. Those type of people have no allegiance to anyone else, only themselves.


  5. petermc3 permalink
    April 10, 2016 7:44 am

    How’s this for conspiracy theory: Guccifer on ice here in US where even Michael Corleone can’t get to him US before the election. Once in office she’s home free and can start lopping off heads unopposed by the democrat controlled congress which is right around the corner.


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