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Bernie Sanders wins the Wyoming caucuses

April 9, 2016

  It is being reported here that Bernie Sanders has won the Wyoming caucuses with 56% of the vote. Without any disrespect to Wyoming this win does not mean too much in the overall picture when it comes to the delegate count at this point.

  Wyoming only has 14 delegates and they are awarded proportionally so when all is said and done Bernie Sanders will gain only a few delegates on Hillary Clinton. But where this could be of a greater benefit for the Senator from Vermont is momentum-wise. 

  The big prize is next week in New York and with his victory in Wyoming Bernie Sanders has now won eight out of the last nine contests. Will this give him a lift heading into Hillary Clinton’s adopted home state? The Democratic voters are speaking loudly and they are proclaiming that they want Bernie Sanders as the nominee and they are rejecting Hillary Clinton.

  The Democratic elitists in the establishment, however, are not listening; this race is actually pretty close with Bernie Sanders only trailing the former Secretary of State by around 250 delegates until you factor in the superdelegates. When these superdelegates are added into the mix Hillary Clinton has a nearly insurmountable lead.

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