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Judge Andrew Napolitano video: ‘The Lying Class’

June 19, 2016

  It can be argued that at times lying is acceptable and in some cases could be morally justified. A case of morally justified lying is stated by Andrew Napolitano in the video I am about to share when he asks if it was okay for a ship caption who was transporting slaves to freedom and was stopped on the seas by the government who enslaved his passengers if it was okay for him to lie about the identities of his passengers. The answer is obvious to me! 

  He then goes on to cite the case of Martha Stewart as an example of the government being able to lie with impunity: an FBI agent lied to Martha Stewart and then she lied to the FBI agent. She went to jail and the FBI agent kept his job. He then asks: “What is it about the government, its agencies, and its employees that they can lie to us with impunity but we risk being sent to jail if we lie to them?”

  We have come to the point in American politics where the vast majority of the people have come to expect the government to lie to them, in fact it has gotten to the point where the American people are willing to excuse the lies because it just seems to be politics as usual and that is a dangerous place to be as a people.

  As Judge Napolitano states in this video the difference between a lie and the truth depends on whether “one is in the governing class or the governed class.” This is brilliant in my opinion and it should cause everyone to think.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. June 19, 2016 10:21 pm

    I don’t any of them – much less their faces! Each sold out our good for their sick gain.

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  1. Judge Andrew Napolitano video: ‘The Lying Class’ | Rifleman III Journal

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