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Sunday, July 24th open thread: ‘Life is Beautiful’

July 24, 2016

  open-threadHere is the open thread for Sunday, July 24th. Please feel free to post links to interesting articles and to discuss whatever issues arise during the course of the day. Nothing is off-topic here.

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  Now on to the musical selection of the week. Here is a song by Sixx: A.M. entitled “Life is Beautiful.” Nikki Sixx was the bass player for heavy metal band Motley Crue and this is one of his latest projects.

  In the late 1980’s Nikki Sixx overdosed on heroin and was pronounced legally dead before being revived. He has since kicked the habit and is now clean and this song is apparently about his new appreciation for life. I think that explains some of the lyrics.

There are two things I found interesting about this video and they are both symbolic. First, Nikki Sixx is wearing a Crucifix around his neck. I searched the internet trying to find out if his second lease on life led him to Christianity or the Catholic Church, I hope it did but I was not able to find anything about a conversion. Perhaps he is still keeping a new-found faith to himself or perhaps there is something else behind this. I am not sure what that would be but it leads me to another point…

  Second, it appears to me as if the singer of Sixx: A.M. is sporting a “33” necklace and I find that to be very interesting because the 33rd degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is the highest obtainable level of Freemasonry.

 frui diem

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  1. July 24, 2016 5:11 pm

    Rock Beat, 1989 Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue comments: “We never set out to be anybody’s role model. But since we have become that, we are trying to give our fans something to believe in. On the second album, we told them to “Shout at the Devil.” A lot of people… think that song is about Satan. That’s not true. It’s about standing up to authority, whether it is your parents, your teacher or your boss. That is pretty good advice, I think. But I’m sure that any parent who hears it is going to think it is treason” …Nikki Sixx referring to their “Shout at the Devil” stage show commented, “We have skulls, pentagrams, and all kinds of satanic symbols on stage …. I’ve always flirted with the devil” (Circus, Jan. 31, 1984).

    * Styx’s music contained backward masking and faithful Christians exposed them back in the 1980’s. Styx responded by going public with what they couldn’t hide anymore, that is, that their music contained subliminal messages cleverly hidden from the listener. The human brain is incredibly powerful and can interpret backwards messages subliminally without the conscious mind detecting it. … Do you think it is mere coincidence that Styx put the same Masonic occult message on the reverse of every U.S. one dollar bill? Not on your life! Styx and their occult producers know exactly what they are doing. The entire music industry in America is controlled by the New World Order gang, and they are sold out to the Devil (the evil god of this evil world – 2nd Corinthians 4:4). [Just in case I decided not to play one of their mind contorting musick songs!]

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    • July 24, 2016 6:57 pm

      The first two videos were extremely interesting but for some reason the third one won’t play for me. I was into Motley Crue big time when “Shout at the Devil” came out and I remember the controversy and their explanation that they were saying shout “at” the devil and not shout “with” the devil but at the same time they were selling paraphernalia with the pentagram on it, so there was definitely some symbolism there. I still hope that Nikki Sixx has converted but even if he did not it seems like he is trying to spread a more positive message.
      The second video is spot on in regards to Adam Weishaupt. From what I know about him he was raised in Jesuit schools and eventually rebelled in an attempt to bring down Christianity by creating the Bavarian branch of the Illuminati which has now infiltrated Freemasonry. It is interesting to note that he founded this branch of the Illuminati is 1776!
      Thanks for sharing these videos!

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      • July 24, 2016 7:55 pm

        Glad you liked them, finding them interesting. The 3rd one plays for me, might try again later. Think you’ll like it too and get a chuckle from it: gov. Pinocchio Awards – there’s alot of um!


      • July 24, 2016 8:07 pm

        The third one played for me now, I am not sure why it didn’t before, Thanks for sharing it, that was entertaining. Thanks for sharing it.

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  2. July 25, 2016 12:24 am

    No she is not having a seizure, but her reaction is funny.

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