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#NeverTrump movement finally has a candidate, meet Evan McMullin

August 8, 2016

  It is no secret that the #NeverTrump movement has been trying to field a candidate to oppose Donald Trump in the general election and it looks as though they have finally found their man as Evan McMillin has announced his intention to run as an Independent and as a conservative alternative to the billionaire businessman.

  Here is more:

Republicans opposed to Donald Trump are making a last-ditch effort to put forth an alternative to the GOP presidential nominee.

Evan McMullin, a onetime chief policy director for House Republicans and a former CIA officer, is launching an independent presidential campaign with the help of political group Better for America.

Blasting Trump as personally unstable and “a real threat to our Republic,” McMullin said on his website that he felt compelled to run as an independent.

“With the stakes so high for our nation and at this late stage in the process, I can no longer stand on the sidelines,” McMullin wrote. “Our country needs leaders who are in it for the right reasons and who actually understand what makes this country the greatest on earth. Leaders who will unite us and guide us to a prosperous, secure future, beyond the dysfunction of a broken political system.”

In an interview with ABC News shortly after announcing, McMullin said that both Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton were unacceptable.

“Look, Donald Trump is defeating himself. He is ensuring that Hillary Clinton is elected,” he told ABC. “I think they would both be absolutely terrible.”

McMullin called Trump inhuman and an authoritarian who does not care about anyone but himself.

“I do believe he is a fraud and a con man and that’s not something I say lightly,” he continued.

  I agree with him when he says that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are unacceptable and I also agree with him when he says Donald Trump is “a fraud and a con man” who “does not care about anyone but himself” because I do not believe the billionaire businessman has America’s best interests at heart and I still believe he is controlled opposition to Hillary Clinton.

  Evan McMullin has two things working against him: the first is that nobody has ever heard of this man before and the second is that he will not be on the ballot in 25 states. The #NeverTrump movement would be much better served if they rallied behind Gary Johnson because he will be on the ballot of all 50 states.

 malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. August 8, 2016 10:26 pm

    Gary Johnson is not a libertarian. He is a libertine.

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  2. August 8, 2016 10:30 pm

    The plot thickens, but your note on the 25 states where McMullin won’t appear on the ballot reflects battle ahead.

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    • August 9, 2016 5:29 am

      It seems like they could have picked somebody with more name recognition but I guess none of the so-called never Trump Republicans don’t believe in stopping him enough to put their careers on the line…

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  3. August 9, 2016 1:40 am

    the nevertrump people would do better to infiltrate, advise, and influence the trump campaign, which has a far greater chance of winning (and being able to actually do something) than any of these efforts.

    right now this is just pissing in the wind. unless you win, you can’t do anything. and this guy can’t possibly win.

    now if the polls were saying there was a vast 60%+ swath of “meh” out there, I could see it as being worth doing. but it’s just not there.

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    • August 9, 2016 5:30 am

      Yeah, at this point they should have already given up. This is a last ditch effort, maybe the end goal here is to just take away enough votes from Trump but I don’t see them having any impact whatsoever.

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      • August 9, 2016 12:11 pm

        I pray you are right because this has been a ‘cluster….’ from the beginning. The dems are pulling out all the stops and many reps aren’t helping much at this point either.

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      • August 9, 2016 1:29 pm

        the main problem with “taking enough votes away from trump” is look at who wins.

        people may disagree with trump. but electing clinton to spite him would be opting to let the house burn because you don’t like the guy running for fire chief. it won’t hurt him, and your house is gone.

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      • August 9, 2016 7:52 pm

        Some of these people are so anti-Trump that they would rather see Hillary win and I think that points to the fact that they are establishment people who care more about protecting the establishment, and thusly their own power, that they do not care if Hillary wins because she is establishment. I honestly don’t see this guy having any impact at all.


  4. RUTHANN permalink
    August 11, 2016 12:27 pm

    I couldn’t possibly vote for Gary Johnson. He is a stoner, smokes pot everyday. He wants marijuana legalized. I just can’t see him dealing with world issues and other world leaders.


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