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Washington Post writer upset Donald Trump used female pronouns to describe Hillary Clinton

October 10, 2016

 The age of political correctness has gotten to the point of ridiculousness. We live in an age when gender specific pronouns are being whitewashed from college campuses and public places, but it has reached a new low. Washington Post writer  Chris Cillizza thinks there is some ulterior motive (probably sexism) behind Donald Trump’s use of the words “she” and “her” when referencing Hillary Clinton during last night’s debate. 

  Here is more:

“He needs independents, he needs women,” Cillizza argued. “There’s just not much there last night that I think would convince you if you were not for him previously, particularly if you’re a woman.”

“He kept referring to Hillary Clinton as ‘she,’ ‘her,’” he pointed out. “Which was a concerted strategy, I’m not sure why.”

  First of all, using the leftist mindset, is Chris Cillizza, as a man, qualified to speak about what it takes to win over women voters? Just saying…

  So what could Donald Trump’s motive be in calling Hillary Clinton “she” and “her?” Could it possibly be because he was referring to a woman? Why does the left always have to make up some dog whistle that obviously does not exist? I think this might be the most blatant example to date and it will end up like the boy who cried wolf when a real example is brought to light–eventually people stop listening because they say here we go again.

  But isn’t it quite ironic in a post where he was railing against the use of gender specific female pronouns he used gender specific male pronouns to describe Donald Trump?

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium


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