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Obamacare replacement bill vote cancelled

March 23, 2017

  I am sitting in the airport in North Carolina waiting for my flight to Key West, I have a couple of hours to kill, and I just saw that Paul Ryan was forced to cancel the vote on the Obamacare replacement bill which was scheduled for later tonight.

  Here is more:

President Donald Trump and conservative House Freedom Caucus members failed to strike a deal on the GOP Obamacare replacement Thursday, endangering the prospects of passage and all but assuring any immediate vote on the measure would fail.

Hours later, House leaders canceled a planned Thursday night vote on the legislation. There was no immediate word when a vote might occur.

  This comes after Donald Trump met with the so-called freedom caucus but was unable to come up with a deal. When told there would be no more negotiations before the vote the result of the vote was ensured and Paul Ryan has suffered a major blow to his credibility as House leader. The freedom caucus stared down Paul Ryan and the Speaker blinked.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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