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Report: NSA to provide ‘smoking gun’ evidence Barack Obama spied on Trump transition team

March 24, 2017

 Earlier this week Devin Nunes made news when he claimed he was in possession of information which showed that the Trump transition team was indeed under surveillance. Unfortunately he made the stupid mistake of running to Donald Trump with this information before actually turning it over to the committee running the investigation–he has since apologized.

  In addition to being a severe breech of protocol, this allowed the mainstream media and the Democrats to run a diversion campaign so they would not have to talk about what his information stated. One of the big things to come out of the information Devin Nunes has, or should I say, one of the things that should have been talked about was that the Trump transition team was spied on and it was not in relation to Russia–in fact the information collected had no foreign intelligence value whatsoever. 

  Despite Devin Nunes’s stated belief that this information was captured legally during foreign surveillance something still seemed off, and now there is a report out there that the National Security Agency has information that is being called a “potential smoking gun.”

   Here is more:

Republican congressional investigators expect a potential “smoking gun” establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team, and possibly the president-elect himself, will be produced to the House Intelligence Committee this week, a source told Fox News.

Classified intelligence showing incidental collection of Trump team communications, purportedly seen by committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., and described by him in vague terms at a bombshell Wednesday afternoon news conference, came from multiple sources, Capitol Hill sources told Fox News. The intelligence corroborated information about surveillance of the Trump team that was known to Nunes, sources said, even before President Trump accused his predecessor of having wiretapped him in a series of now-infamous tweets posted on March 4.

  But that is not the potential smoking gun, that is just a reaffirmation of what Devin Nunes said earlier this week–this is the smoking gun if it turns out to be true:

The intelligence is said to leave no doubt the Obama administration, in its closing days, was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.

The key to that conclusion is the unmasking of selected U.S. persons whose names appeared in the intelligence, the sources said, adding that the paper trail leaves no other plausible purpose for the unmasking other than to damage the incoming Trump administration.

  That would certainly explain why the Democrats have latched on to this fake Russian hacking story so early and so firmly and have not let it go–it provided them with the cover they needed to damage a Trump Presidency before it even began if this report is true.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. March 24, 2017 10:05 am

    In the end, it depends on if the Obama administration had not follow proper procedures. If they followed proper procedures, the Czar is still not be able to say that he was right (and be taken seriously). There was more than enough evidence of something going on to have probable cause.

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  2. Brittius permalink
    March 24, 2017 10:11 am

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

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  3. March 24, 2017 11:46 am

    If the media and scourges of society can put doubt in the general populous about Trump winning because of the Russians, when the Coup comes they’ll see it as ‘justified’ to go against the current administration (the Law) and see those who ‘support him (consider and respect him as the legitimate President) as the enemy and perform their ‘civic duty to restrain’ and arrest.
    Greg Hunter talked some about the fact of this tapping vs what the ‘news’ is reporting
    The question: Why’s the media setting things up like a golf ball on the driving range?
    The thought came to me that the ‘liars that be’ want the masses to believe they (Bari’s regime) did nothing wrong & that Trump stoled the election w/ the help of the Russians [say a lie long enough, repeat, repeat and people will believe it to be truth – or that it should be) and any info (facts and truth) about fraud Bari wiretapping Trump Towers is a wrong.
    If they did ‘nothing wrong’ and the wire tapping is ‘wrong’ they didn’t do it. Or if they ‘happened’ to hear something while monitoring others, they were ‘right’ in doing so!
    How’s that for twisting and turning and confounding those who are already ‘sucked deep into the’ false reality bred by fake news.
    Here’s an interesting take on the spying and ‘treason’.

    (Glad you’re able to take a moment and say a ‘Hi’ Steve!)

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  4. March 24, 2017 1:16 pm

    Actually, Nunes ran to the President only after reporting to the Speaker for orders. He let that slip in his White House presser.

    Anything he did after he met with Speaker Ryan has to have been on Ryan’s direction.

    Interesting times.

    Take good care and may God bless us all!


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    • March 25, 2017 8:00 am

      That is interesting, I did not know that because I didn’t see the presser. Between this and Ryan’s Obamacare disaster he should not be allowed to stay Speaker.



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