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Washington Post: Jared Kushner proposed backchannel communications with Russia

May 27, 2017

    Earlier in the week we learned that Jared Kushner was under scrutiny in the Russia collusion scandal and now the Washington Post is reporting that he tried to set up backchannel communications between the Trump transition team and Russia.

  The Washington Post article is paywalled so I am using another source which is reporting on the original article, here is more:

President Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner sought to communicate with the Kremlin through secure transmission systems at Russian diplomatic facilities to ostensibly evade U.S. monitoring during the presidential transition, the Washington Post reported today.

The WaPo based the report, which came a day after the paper reported Kushner’s contacts were a focus of the FBI investigation into potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, on U.S. intercepts of conversations that Ambassador Sergey Kislyak had with his bosses back in Moscow.

Kislyak allegedly told his higher-ups that Kushner floated the proposal for back-channel communications during a conversation between the two and former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn at Trump Tower on Dec. 1 or Dec. 2. The White House acknowledged the meeting in March.

“Kislyak reportedly was taken aback by the suggestion of allowing an American to use Russian communications gear at its embassy or consulate — a proposal that would have carried security risks for Moscow as well as the Trump team,” the report states. “Neither the meeting nor the communications of Americans involved were under U.S. surveillance, officials said.”

    This is the Washington Post so take it for what it is worth but it does appear as if things are about to get pretty ugly. Michael Flynn has already been fired for lying about conversations he had with Kislyak and now we find out Jared Kushner was involved in a conversation with both of them. This in and of itself is not a big deal, it would be natural for the Trump team to talk with Russia, but it does call into question what was actually discussed at this meeting.

  Jared Kushner has already stated he would cooperate with the FBI investigation  however it now looks as if he is using the “I don’t recall” defense. This might be much ado about nothing but I do not like the way this is going and I do not trust Jared Kushner.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. Brittius permalink
    May 27, 2017 8:45 am

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Communications with the Russian Federation (RF), should be upfront, and direct. I do not know whatever it is that the White House knows and fears, but I do know this, commerce would improve, maybe some stability by way of some peace and quiet, and we, the US, and RF, would have all oars in the water and rowing in the same direction. Russians are business people. They like making money. They enjoy making deals. Trump should be a natural in getting along with the RF.

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    • May 27, 2017 6:14 pm

      Thanks for the reblog. I am now beginning to think there might be something to this whole thing, of course that depends on whether or not this story is true. This is a troubling development.

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      • Brittius permalink
        May 28, 2017 4:54 am

        You’re welcome. Let’s wait for any developments in the investigation as, only what is officially released, if released, will matter, or, wait until the whole thing is made public in congressional hearings.
        Personally, I believe the president’s selection, was a highly inappropriate, and it could adversely affect his presidency.

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      • Brittius permalink
        May 28, 2017 4:57 am

        Kushner, to have any contact with the Russian Federation, or to do anything beyond bringing the president a cup of coffee, is not conducive the the harmony of the White House, when considering the issues involving leaks and FBI investigation.
        I believe that Kushner will act for his own best interest, or the interest of a controlling or mentoring benefactor.

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      • May 28, 2017 8:39 am

        There is something there is enough circumstancial evidence to support that much. The question of how bad and how deep it goes is what needs to be discoverd. However, it might not be what the Democrats want it to be.

        I think the biggest question that needs to be answered first is whether or not Mr. Trump is compromised (if he commited a crime, my money’s on money laundering). Everything else needs to be secondary. I think it is going to boil down to what he knew and when. Tertiary to this would be what did the RNC know.

        The part of why I’m being skeptical about this is that is reportedly coming form Sislyak. If the truth is that Russia is trying to just create chaos in our government, this could be misinformation towards that end.

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      • May 28, 2017 7:00 pm

        You are right Brit, so far nothing official has been released and we are relying on hearsay. Kushner and Ivanka should never have been put in the positions they are in.


  2. May 27, 2017 12:41 pm

    It would be interesting if this is true. Why do they need a back channel? This is not the first allegation.

    FYI if you browse in incognito mode in chrome, it will get you around the paywall. I forget what it is called in explorer.

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    • May 27, 2017 6:15 pm

      If this is true it is troubling to say the lease! Thanks for that tip, I use Chrome and I just tried it and it worked.


  3. petermac3 permalink
    May 28, 2017 7:31 am

    Having no idea whatsoever of the protocol to be followed in dealing with a foreign government, in this case Russia, may I naively ask why no feathers are ruffled over the Clinton Crime Family’s interaction with Russia while lard ass was Secretary of State or then VP Biden and his son’s relationships with the Russians? The simple snide answer is they are democrats which gives them automatic dispensation but I really would like to know where’s the outrage and the investigations?

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  4. petermac3 permalink
    May 28, 2017 7:40 am

    ….as well as Obama’s hot mike statement regarding his flexibility towards the Russians after the 2012 election.

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    • May 28, 2017 7:02 pm

      If I were Trump and Sessions I would fight back by announcing investigations into all the issues you mentioned.



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