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Virginia State Senator warns gun rights people they are being set up ahead of major rally

January 19, 2020

 There is a gun rights rally that happens every year in Virginia and tomorrow is the date the rally is to be held this year. But this year, because of the radical gun laws the State legislature is passing, Virginia’s new, radical, anti-Constitutional, gun-grabbing governor has decided  to issue a State Emergency so he could ban guns from the rally. (Note the irony of this move, he is issuing an emergency declaration because of his own actions.)

  Because of the draconian laws Virginia is debating he feels there could be violence at the rally, even though these rallies have always been peaceful, or so he says. A Virginia State Senator has a differing opinion, she feels as if the gun rights rally attendees are being set up and provoked into violence with the hope that something will happen even if it takes a government plant.

  Here is more:

Senator Chase wrote this on her Facebook page:

I want you to be aware of how we are being set up.

Does the Patriot Act ring a bell?

Does the National Defense Authorization Act ring a bell?

If people show up wearing any kind of uniform, patch or other symbol on their clothing signifying they belong to a militia and something goes wrong, you could/will be held as a domestic terrorist.

If anyone steps out of line, all it takes is one person, it may even be a government plant….if that plant does anything to disrupt the rally, you could/will be arrested as a domestic terrorist.

The Governor, using the media has already set the stage for this to happen.
He has already laid the groundwork to make the entire movement look like insurrection.

It will be used to put the rest of the nation on notice of what will happen to you, if you resist.

They have used the Southern Poverty Law Center over the last 15 years to lay the groundwork.

They have labeled us as potential domestic terrorist for a long time now.

Anyone who has ever related to the 3%er’s, a militia, or just belonged to any Patriot group…the groundwork has been laid to brand you as a domestic terrorist.

     Some of us have been sounding the alarm for years about the PATRIOT Act and the NDAA with very few people listening to us and now if Senator Chase is right this rally could be the first major instance where these acts come into play against American citizens. 

 Of course the mainstream media and the alt-left will write this Senator off as a kook, but I do not doubt  for a second a plant could be used to set fire to this tinderbox  it is an age old strategy which has been proven successful especially with a mainstream media in bed with the radical left. Pressure from above, pressure from below, or if you prefer thesis, antithesis, synthesis, however you frame it this is the Hegelian Dialectic she is warning us about.

 In addition to trying to use the Hegelian Dialectic to justify Virginia’s outrageous new gun laws there could be a second reason for this and that is that this is also an attempt to tie one or more of these people to Donald Trump. The media will then be able to claim that the President is stoking domestic terrorism and this will be used eventually on the national level.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. peter3nj permalink
    January 19, 2020 3:12 pm

    The words “Patriot”and “Homeland” in the hands of the government had given me the jitters since day one. Along with more faith in evil self service politicians and a just plain stupid electorate in so many places than sensible politicians and voters. But then I’m from Jersey where ignorance reigns.

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    • January 20, 2020 6:05 am

      I hear you there! We have let the politicians define what these terms mean and when you let people such as these have control of the language you are in trouble! The revolution will be complete when the language is perfect…


  2. peter3nj permalink
    January 19, 2020 3:18 pm

    Here’s a sampling of life in Jersey:
    My last auto accident was 1/26/88 when rear ended on the Pulaski Skyway in Kearny, NJ; my last ticket was 5/20/99.
    I’m driving 52 years; my vehicle is a 2016 Honda CRV; my insurance premium for this car is $2274.
    Don’t relocate here!

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  3. MaddMedic permalink
    January 19, 2020 4:33 pm

    Personally I would not go.anywhere near this. It’s a trap.

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    • Bruce Booher permalink
      January 19, 2020 10:12 pm

      Exactly. The Governor hasn’t set the stage, he has set a trap. What incredible courage the Senator has. And of course you are right Steve, it is just part of a long process to “reeducate us”.

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      • January 20, 2020 6:07 am

        I am hoping for the best today but the stage has been set and this could get ugly very quickly.


    • January 20, 2020 6:06 am

      It sure is! Today is going to be a very interesting day!


  4. January 20, 2020 12:07 am

    Part of the ‘social conditioning’ by the DS/Cabal is civil unrest. All the ‘spraying’ in the skies helps too – who knows what they’ve been spraying there recently.
    Really it’s the job of those ‘over’ the crazed ‘baby killing’ Gov. that are at fault. They’re suppose to step in and do their job “represent the people and uphold the Constitution” – the Gov swore to that too but is serving the globalist regime.
    I wonder if he was voting in legally (rigged soros voting computers/or Franken & Broward County fake ballots) or placed in by the ‘very swamp’ this Administration is supposedly purposefully removing. I’m sure they have ‘alot’ of evidence against this guy and could bear down on him. This could all be taken care ‘quickly, easily and uneventfully.’ If allowed to get out of hand the blame can go right to the top, in which case the patriots have been bamboozled big time. Some bored with life will go, hoping for chaos & excitement – an excuse to act out without consequences (so they think).
    How about if nobody shows up. It’s not their job to do what their Elects are suppose to do – Let’s see who’s all talk and no action when it come to really protecting ‘real’ Americans!

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    • January 20, 2020 6:09 am

      This is a scary situation brewing in Virginia as this man pushes the globalist agenda. Virginia is a test run for bigger things in the future if this goes off as they hope. They are hoping for, and trying to ensure there is bloodshed today and there is no doubt the Virginia governor is not acting on his own.

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  1. Virginia State Senator warns gun rights people they are being set up ahead of major rally — America’s Watchtower – Blog of Staś

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